Pocketnow Daily: Apple launching SIX iPhones in 2020?!) (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about all the upcoming iPhone 12 variants, the huge battery in the Samsung Galaxy S11 and more

Bloomberg: Samsung preparing the biggest camera overhaul for the Galaxy S11

A recent Bloomberg report suggests that Samsung is preparing for the biggest camera overhaul ever with the upcoming Galaxy S11.

The new Galaxy S11 lineup could be more of the same from Samsung

The new Samsung Galaxy S11 may be just like previous versions of the Galaxy series, while the new iPhone may come to impress with a new design

Samsung Galaxy S11 to feature new SAMOLED display?

SAMLOED introduces some confusion, but that’s what Samsung decided to call its next-gen display technology, to reportedly debut on the Galaxy S11.
Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S11, S10 Lite, Note10 Lite color options leaked

A recent report is trying to anticipate the color options in which the upcoming Galaxy S11, S10 Lite, and Galaxy Note10 Lite will be available in.

Samsung Galaxy S11 gets bigger: 3 sizes, 5 models total

This latest report is bringing some highly detailed information regarding the upcoming 2020 Samsung Galaxy S11. Check it out!

Galaxy S11 ‘Hubble’ camera will have ‘Space Zoom’

Samsung has filed to trademark “Space Zoom” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Its ‘Hubble’ camera gets a space-themed feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 may come with more than one ToF sensor

A recent report from Korea makes us believe that we could get more Time of Flight sensors in the next Samsung Galaxy S11 devices
Galaxy S10

Samsung reportedly starts Galaxy S11 software development

According to a recent report, Samsung has begun developing the software for the upcoming Galaxy S11, which should launch in February 2020.

Next Galaxy S flagship could have even smaller bezels

The next Galaxy S flagship, probably dubbed Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20, will likely feature slimmer top and bottom bezels, according to this report.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 will likely feature a periscope zoom camera

Rumored to launch on the third week of February, the Galaxy S11, or whatever its name will be, is expected to feature a periscope zoom camera

Report suggests Galaxy S11 launch date

While it is definitely too early to talk about the Galaxy S11 launch date, a recent report is trying to pin it down to a specific day in the calendar.

This is the codename for next year’s Samsung Galaxy S11

The 2020 Samsung Galaxy S11 already has a codename by which Samsung’s Research and Development team is referring to it. Check it out!

Samsung flagship names might change as company rethinks naming strategy

The 2020 Samsung flagship will likely not be called Galaxy S11, as a new report reiterated what we’ve heard last year about a new naming convention.
Samsung Galaxy S20

There might be no Samsung Galaxy S11, but there could be a Galaxy S20

If these recent filings are of any indication to Samsung’s future plans, there will indeed be no Galaxy S11, but a Galaxy S20 instead, followed by a Galaxy S30, and so on.