Galaxy S10 drop test shows Goldilocks was “just right”
Are controlled drop tests any meaningful indicator about how your Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ might fare after a 6-foot tumble?
Huawei P30 Rumors! ft. Booredatwork | #PNWeekly 348
On our show, we discuss Huawei’s legal challenges in the United States and beyond. Plus, hardware talk with the upcoming P30 and current Galaxy S10!
Microsoft Store also carrying unlocked Galaxy S10 devices
Believe it or not, you can get a Galaxy S10 from Microsoft. It’ll cost just about the same as anywhere else an unlocked unit will cost, though.
6 months of Spotify Premium free for Galaxy S10 buyers
If you’ve bought a Galaxy S10 device in the United States and have yet to try out Spotify Premium, you can get 6 months for free.
T-Mobile sets up wind tunnel in New York to celebrate Galaxy S10 sales
Customers can come to Herald Square today to fly inside a wind tunnel and experience what the Galaxy S10 can do for them… and how much it will cost.
Verizon Galaxy S10 BOGO and trade-in deals go life tomorrow
Big Red is letting customers get a Galaxy S10e for free, basically. They just have to buy another S10e, S10 or S10+ first.
Galaxy phone trade-in values worse because iPhones launch earlier
The one thing that we know for sure in the smartphone trade-in market is that the Apple event in September really shakes things up.
Samsung launching iKONIK Fortnite skin, new stage for Galaxy S10 owners
Got an S10? Play Fortnite? Listen to iKON? Get pumped for some major events going down in the next week and a half.
Galaxy S10 new champion as DisplayMate’s best screen
The display-testing firm has released a full bounty of data on the Galaxy S10’s record-setting AMOLED panel.
Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint sensor broken by JerryRigEverything
The YouTuber known for his scratch, bend and burn tests of the latest smartphones tested the limits of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor of the S10.
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Samsung Unpacked its Galaxy S10 phones, its first 5G product and, yes, a foldable smartphone, too. We’re talking about on the Weekly!
Galaxy S10’s Bixby button now has option to open any app
Samsung’s Bixby AI service isn’t necessarily where we would want it to be and it seems like the company tacitly acknowledges that.
Broadcom Wi-Fi 6 modem is on Samsung Galaxy S10 series
The modem is capable of handling WI-Fi 6 connections as well as Bluetooth 5. It’s an industry first and it’s on the Galaxy S10 smartphone series.
Galaxy S10 deals guide: what to get, where to buy it and when
If you’re in the market for a Galaxy S10 or any of its many variants, you should probably know where your money is going, how much and when. We got you.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Hands-On – Next Big Thing? (Video)
The Galaxy S10e might be essential to consumers, the Galaxy S10 pushes the standards up, the S10+ loads on the cameras and then, what, 5G? Here’s our video!
Galaxy S10 debuts at $899.99 while the loaded Galaxy S10+ starts at $999.99
Samsung has unpacked its two star Android premium flagship phones. Many tiny details have been updated, but will they justify the cost they ask for?
Race for Galaxy S10 pre-orders begins with AT&T giving customers notifications
AT&T might be your best friend if you want to get a Galaxy S10 as early, but as low effort as possible. You can get notification of when pre-orders start.
Galaxy S10
Chinese pricing for Galaxy S10+ tops out at $1,500
In Europe, it’ll be the priciest proposition. But would a Galaxy S10+ with 12GB of RAM and a terabyte of storage be less so in China?
Galaxy S10 retail spec sheet leak: facts and figures
We’ve built a ton of numbers into our Galaxy S10 rumors and leaks databank, but this spec sheet’s getting real close to the source and launch date…
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Galaxy S10
These are all the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ colors
All the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ colors in one place. Check out the color options available at launch.
Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging
Get free Galaxy Buds with some Galaxy S10 pre-orders
Samsung will be giving away free Galaxy Buds to some pre-orders of the Galaxy S10. Check out the details as pre-order and shipping dates are in as well.
Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging
Samsung Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging to charge new Gear Buds
We know that the Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging feature will be useful but with the new Gear Buds it will be a battery life saver!
Samsung Galaxy S10 rumor roundup: what to expect from all these phones [U]
There are three main Galaxy S10 variants, then there’s the 5G version (or two), and then a completely unrelated foldable phone! Let’s unpack the details.
Ceramic Black Galaxy S10+
Ceramic Black Galaxy S10+ shows itself, and its ceramic back
The Ceramic Black Galaxy S10+ that we’ve been hearing about since November of last year is finally showing off its ceramic back.