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Metal doesn’t always make a phone better
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It’s time Samsung gets creative once again
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Five terrible phone hardware decisions we’ll never forget
In the smartphone world, not everything can be a hit – and even hot devices have their low points. Here’s 5 missteps ranging from the serious to the inane.
Galaxy S 4 Wireless Charging Kit: Quick Review
Samsung’s Galaxy S4 wireless charger is here, and the company has sent one our way. Here’s what we think about this space-age, induction-powered soap dish.
Pocketnow Weekly 048: Galaxy S 5 rumors meet Nokia EOS leaks in back alley, nasty knife fight ensues
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Not Quite Dead: The Galaxy S III Will Survive the Galaxy S IV
The Samsung Galaxy S IV might be just over the horizon, but that doesn’t mean curtains for the Galaxy S III yet. Read on to see why.
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SAFE – How Samsung Wants to Make Android Safe for Business
Learn about Samsung’s new SAFE program, and how Android Gingerbread and up already includes what they’re proposing.
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 031
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Success Seems to Be Driving Samsung a Little Manic
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What Impressed Us in 2012
It’s that time again when we slowly need to get used to…
Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 023
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The Best Devices of 2012
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CyanogenMod 10.1 running on the Samsung Galaxy S III
CyanogenMod 10.1 Running on the Samsung Galaxy S III (Video)
Watch as we run through the first nightly of CM10.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S III, and see if it’s good enough to use as your daily driver.
Three Features the Nokia Lumia 920’s Camera Needs Right Now
The Nokia Lumia 920 is the pinnacle of Windows Phone camera performance. So why doesn’t it have features the older Galaxy S III and HTC One X do? Read on for the top missing features from this PureView device.
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal Round-Up
Cyber Monday Update: We mentioned quite a few Cyber Monday deals last…
After The Buzz: Samsung Galaxy S III (Video)
The Samsung Galaxy S III hit the market over four months ago. Hit the video to see if this Android smartphone still lives up to the glowing reviews it got at launch!
C Pen: The Poor Man’s S Pen (Video)
Samsung’s Galaxy Note II isn’t the only hot new smartphone to offer stylus support. Watch our video to see how the Galaxy S III’s “C Pen” holds up against the “S Pen” in real-world testing.