SAFE – How Samsung Wants to Make Android Safe for Business
Learn about Samsung’s new SAFE program, and how Android Gingerbread and up already includes what they’re proposing.
C Pen: The Poor Man’s S Pen (Video)
Samsung’s Galaxy Note II isn’t the only hot new smartphone to offer stylus support. Watch our video to see how the Galaxy S III’s “C Pen” holds up against the “S Pen” in real-world testing.
How Samsung is Ruining the Galaxy Brand
Samsung’s Galaxy brand represents the cream of its Android tablet and smartphone products – and also the lowest reaches of its mobile technology. Read on to see why “Galaxy” might become the next “Droid,” and why that’s a bad thing.
Why LG Just Can’t Compete With Samsung
LG can’t quite catch up to its rival Samsung in the war over smartphones. Read on to see why.
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Here’s How to Get Soft-Buttons on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean
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Here’s What Devices Pocketnow Staff Are Using Right Now
We thought we’d let all of our dear readers know what devices the Pocketnow Editors are carrying at the moment.
Apple iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Nokia 808 PureView vs. HTC One X: Camera Shoot-Out (Video)
We compare the Nokia 808 PureView with the Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X in this photo and video camera shoot-out.
Your White Phone Is Cool. Enjoy It While It Lasts.
White phones are cooler. That’s because they’re rarer. And that begs the question: for how much longer will that be the case? I think the answer is: “not much.”
Samsung Galaxy S III Review (Sprint)
It may be tacky, but Samsung hits the nail right on the head with the Galaxy S III’s marketing tagline. Especially for Sprint customers, “the next big thing” is indeed here.
Samsung Galaxy S III Review
The Galaxy S III is one of the most highly anticipated phones…
When Is A Smartphone Too Light?
A little while back, I posed the question of what makes a smartphone “too thin.” No one wants to carry an oversized brick in his or her pocket (though there’s a recent trend in that direction), and no one wants to be weighed down by that same brick. The pressure to stay slim and trim in the smartphone world is just as intense as it is on the beaches of the real world. Maybe more intense.
Samsung S Voice
One Day With S-Voice Was Enough
Until a few days ago, I’d never used one of these latest-generation voice command applications. S Voice has been my only exposure to this brave new world of vocally-powered control. While I was mildly impressed at how many corners of the phone could feel the warm touch of S Voice, I didn’t feel a compelling need to explore many of them. And when I did, the lackluster performance of the app reminded me why I just stick to tapping and swiping most of the time.
A Look At “Smart Stay” on the Galaxy S III
Smart Stay was one of the first features I wanted to test when my Galaxy S III arrived. The prospect of a phone that watched you to make sure you were looking at it, like some kind of attention-starved sibling or modern-age tamagotchi, was oddly appealing to me. Now that I’ve spent a few days with a Galaxy S III, I have enough usage experience to offer some opinions on the Little Phone That Watches Me.
Why Is Flipboard So Popular?
I wanted to explore what it is that’s driven Flipboard to such great heights of popularity. The best way to do that was to download it and give it a spin.
Galaxy S III Benchmarks Show Dual-Core SoC, Kies Confirms Name
As we approach May 3, rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S III…
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Have you noticed how your Samsung smartphone charges faster if you are…