samsung galaxy security policy update
How to fix the Samsung Galaxy Security Policy update bug
Those who would give up privacy for security deserve neither. What’s with the Samsung Galaxy Security Policy and why does it keep wanting me to update?
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S 5: spec comparison
We’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S 5, comparing specs to specs, with the two flagships for 2014.
Samsung Galaxy S5 – After The Buzz, Episode 38 (Video)
Things have changed since we last reviewed it, so we’ve compiled our thoughts about how the Galaxy S5 has aged in our Samsung Galaxy S5 review update.
Galaxy sightings: possible S5 Mini pics, blue VZW GS5 render
Check out what may be the first Galaxy S5 Mini pic to arrive, and check out a render of the GS5 itself for Verizon in blue.
Samsung confirms golden Galaxy S5 US availability
Samsung has just confirmed the gold Galaxy S5 for all the big US carriers, starting late next week.
Get Qi wireless charging on your Galaxy S5 with the S5 PWRcard (Video)
Hate the USB cover on the Galaxy S5? Hate that it doesn’t come with wireless charging? Learn how to get Qi charging on your Galaxy S5 with the S5 PWRcard!
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon) review: a safe bet with a side of dull
Is the Galaxy S5 the best smartphone on Verizon this spring? Find out as we give Samsung’s flagship an in-depth look in our Verizon Galaxy S5 review!
Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime image allegedly leaked, as head of mobile design is being replaced
A Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime image has been allegedly leaked, while the head of the company’s mobile design is being replaced after his resignation.
Launch window rumored for quad HD Galaxy S5, new evidence arrives from Samsung itself
Check out the latest evidence in favor of Samsung releasing a quad HD GS5, maybe even before summer kicks-off.
Finger biting
With TouchID, Apple gives competitors the finger
With TouchID, Apple out-classed its competitors before they even had their hardware released. TouchID’s value is that it takes value away from others.
Quad HD Galaxy S5 rumors tackle hardware details, development history
Could the rumored quad HD Galaxy S5 hardware introduce a new Exynos SoC?
Galaxy K Zoom: what I want from Samsung’s next camera-smartphone hybrid
Samsung’s mystery Galaxy K Zoom (Galaxy S 5 Zoom) is nearing announcement. Read on to see what Galaxy S 5 Zoom features we’re hoping for!
GS5 users make headway on enabling the carrier-blocked download booster
See what devs have been working on to develop a GS5 download booster fix for the Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T editions.
Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner may pose security risk, warn researchers
Find out why security researchers are concerned with the security of the GS5 fingerprint scanner.
More US carrier GS5 shenanigans: Verizon blocks fingerprint for PayPal
It looks like the Verizon GS5 fingerprint scanner is being crippled, blocking operation with key services.
Pocketnow Weekly 091: brace yourselves – the reviews are coming
From the Galaxy S 5 to the Gear Fit to the Oppo Find 7a to the Nokia X, the reviews are racing for us, & we’re podcasting about them all. Brace yourselves.
Galaxy S5 availability draws big crowds (in some places)
Decent-sized Galaxy S5 crowds are showing up in some areas, though this doesn’t look like anywhere close to iPhone-level enthusiasm.
HTC leak makes case for why One M8 beats Galaxy S5
See HTC make its case for the One M8, as opposed to Samsung’s latest flagship, in the new HTC One M8 training leak.
Galaxy S5 Download Booster broken on Verizon and Sprint, too
The case of US carriers killing-off the Galaxy S5 Download Booster continues, with Verizon and Sprint being added to the list.
Purported 2K resolution Samsung Android pictured: GS5 prototype? New Note? Galaxy F?
Check out the development handset that might just be the first quad HD Samsung Android smartphone.
Samsung opens Galaxy S5 wireless charging cover pre-orders
Get a head start on other soon-to-be GS5 owners by getting your Galaxy S5 wireless charging cover pre-order in now.
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HTC exec slams Samsung over “cheap plastic” phones
It’s not just Android users that wonder why we don’t see premium Samsung metal smartphones; HTC gets in on the trash-talking.
Which of the killer 2014 flagships should you choose: HTC One M8, Galaxy S 5, or Xperia Z2?
Which of the 2014 flagships is the best? The One M8? Galaxy S 5? Or Sony’s Xperia Z2? Read out One M8 vs Galaxy S 5 vs Xperia Z2 comparison to find out!
2014 HTC One M8
Here’s why I’m getting the HTC One versus the Samsung Galaxy S 5
HTC’s latest flagship was just released. If you were to choose between the 2014 HTC One versus the Samsung Galaxy S 5 today, which one would you pick & why?