AT&T finally gets GS4 mini, as it preps for start of HD Voice
The AT&T Galaxy S4 mini joins the carrier’s stable as it prepares to introduce VoLTE HD Voice service this week.
AT&T launching Voice over LTE service next week
Get the details on next week’s launch of AT&T Voice over LTE service.
Sprint Android KitKat plans for Samsung devices revealed
Official details emerge regarding the Sprint Android KitKat update for additional Samsung devices revealed, alongside some of the features enumerated.
There’s nothing ‘G2’ about the G2 mini
So-called miniature versions of flagship smartphones continue to launch. Read why we aren’t smitten with the G2 mini and its miniature competition.
HTC One Max comes to Verizon, with some smaller Androids in tow
Read up on the details concerning the debut of the Verizon HTC One Max, as well as the arrival of the GS3 and GS4 Minis for the carrier.
Motorola killed mid-range phones with the Moto G
Read why the crazy affordable Moto G stands to have a huge impact on mid-range phone pricing.
Sprint announces high-speed Spark LTE network with plans for gigabit service
Find out the details on the new Sprint Spark high-speed LTE service, debuting today.
Samsung announces US Galaxy S 4 mini availability
Learn what Samsung has revealed about its plans for the Galaxy S 4 mini US launch.
Galaxy Gear will be compatible with Galaxy S 4, S III and Note II soon; but how soon?
You’d wonder how smart a smartwatch really is if you really can’t…
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Mini versions of flagship smartphones not finding success
Hear about the struggles manufacturers are facing with mini smartphone sales.
FCC receives possible Sprint Galaxy S 4 Mini dubbed the SPH-L520
Even though we’ve never been real fans of the “mini” concept on…
New Galaxy S 4 variant confirmed (but probably not what you’re expecting)
Check out what Samsung is working on for the next variant of its flagship, upon word arriving of a global LTE Galaxy S 4.
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Remember when a mini phone was actually small?
The HTC One Mini is smaller than the HTC One, but it’s not “mini”! It’s bigger than the iPhone 5, which isn’t a “small” phone. Where are the mini phones?
Pocketnow Weekly 049: Samsung keeps making stuff, we keep squawking about it (Samsung Premiere 2013)
A bevy of Galaxy & ATIV smartphones and tablets landed at Samsung Premiere 2013, and your trusty team of podcasters is here to tell you all about it.
Samsung, stop calling every new phone a Galaxy S 4
Samsung continues to release Galaxy S 4 variations that are hardly like the original. Learn why that’s detrimental to the brand.
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini hands-on (Video)
Check out our Samsung Galaxy S4 mini hands-on video from London where Samsung introduced a cornucopia of new devices today.
Samsung Galaxy and ATIV announcements, Instagram Video & more – Pocketnow Daily
Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Instagram Video, and what…
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Verizon getting ready for the Galaxy S 4 Mini?
Hear the theory on why the Samsung phone to just swing by the Bluetooth SIG might just be a Verizon Galaxy S 4 Mini.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini vs HTC One Mini
Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini vs HTC One Mini: which should you get?
Which one should you get? Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini vs HTC One Mini. They’re both miniature versions of their respective flagships so read on to find out more
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini pricing suggested
Interested in the Galaxy S 4’s younger brother? Find out what we know about the GS4 Mini price.
Did Samsung just confirm the Galaxy Note III (among other models)?
Take a look at the official Samsung site that just broke the news on the Samsung Galaxy Note III.
Galaxy S 4 Active render shows waterproof Android in gray for AT&T
We’re likely just weeks away from the announcement of some new Samsung phones – check out this new Galaxy 4 Active render to learn what to expect.
Pocketnow Weekly 046: Tablet Z vs TouchPad Go, and other tech podcast tomfoolery
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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini announced
The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has been officially announced. Until we check it out in person at the London event, make sure to read the details.