Bring on the salt water smartphones
Give your smartphone salt water to drink, and you’re in for a costly replacement. But shouldn’t we be past this by now?
Pocketnow Weekly 074: new Google Play devices and Windows Phone rumors galore
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Galaxy S 4 Active latest family member to upgrade to Snapdragon 800
Lean what Samsung’s changing with the new Snapdragon 800 GS4 Active edition, launching in South Korea.
Possible Galaxy S 4 Active Mini spotted in regulatory filing
Discover what we’ve heard about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Mini, and how its hardware specs compare to that of the full-sized GS4 Active.
Empty Nest: what I miss (and don’t) about the Galaxy S 4 Active
Sending review phones back is always a sad moment, but my most-missed phone of the 2013 beach season is easily Samsung’s waterproof Galaxy S4 Active.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phones dying a horrible drowning death, warranty won’t cover it
Some Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phones dying a horrible drowning death, even if the instructions are being followed to the letter. Warranty doesn’t cover it!
Remember when smartphones came with a ton of accessories?
Unboxing videos are shells of their former selves, because no OEMs bundle cool accessories anymore. Wax nostalgic with us with some smartphone memories.
CAT B15 vs. every waterproof phone we have (Video)
We put the CAT B15 up against every waterproof smartphone we’ve ever reviewed for a quick look at what it does -and doesn’t- do better than its competitors.
Pocketnow Weekly 050: Optimus G giveaway edition (We have a winner!)
Our LG Optimus G giveaway requires an iTunes review for the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, so get to listening! Episode 050 of smartphone & tablet talk is here!
Waterproof phones are useless without a waterproof interface
Waterproof phones like the Galaxy S 4 Active are an excellent step forward, but until we can control them when wet, they’re not as useful as they seem.
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Quick Review
The S 4 Active is a water-resistant version of Samsung’s 2013 halo smartphone. Find out if it’s the S4 for you: read our Galaxy S 4 Active review.
Samsung, the Galaxy S 4 Active is not as rugged as we want
Phones are expensive. It’s ironic but true. I find it odd that…
Pocketnow Weekly 049: Samsung keeps making stuff, we keep squawking about it (Samsung Premiere 2013)
A bevy of Galaxy & ATIV smartphones and tablets landed at Samsung Premiere 2013, and your trusty team of podcasters is here to tell you all about it.
Samsung, stop calling every new phone a Galaxy S 4
Samsung continues to release Galaxy S 4 variations that are hardly like the original. Learn why that’s detrimental to the brand.
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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active, GS4 Zoom specs rumored
Learn what we’ve heard about the possible GS4 Active, GS4 Zoom specs, and what hardware they could arrive running.
With a Galaxy S 4 Active on the horizon, should phones like the Kyocera Torque be worried?
Devices like the Kyocera Torque are the current front line when it comes to “durable phones.” But will the arrival of the Galaxy S 4 Active change all that?
Galaxy S 4 Active video has us questioning phone’s specs
Watch the new video and hear about the uncertainty surrounding the Galaxy S 4 Active specs.
Waterproof Galaxy S 4 Active Caught on Camera?
Take a look at the new Galaxy S 4 Active pics to surface, and hear about the phone’s hardware capabilities.
Samsung Is Finally Learning How to do Smartphone Families
Read why the latest batch of Samsung Smartphone names suggests the company finally “gets” how to do it right.
What Is the Samsung Serrano, and What’s Its Relationship to the Galaxy S 4?
Check out what we’ve heard about the Samsung Serrano, which could be a new Galaxy S 4 “Project J” spin-off.