Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition has disappeared: and then there were two
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition, removed from Play earlier today, is the latest in a group of GPe devices to get the boot from Google’s store.
iPhone 5s considered the most popular phone for Q1 2014
Learn more about the estimates provided by ABI Research, which consider the iPhone 5s to be the most popular smartphone in the world.
KitKat versus Jelly Bean
Samsung leaked document provides Android 4.4.3 update timeframe for Galaxy S5 and S4
A Samsung Android 4.4.3 update timetable has just been leaked, showing us when to expect revised firmwares to hit Galaxy S5 and S4 models.
Google Play edition phones get their taste of Android 4.4.3
We’ve got word of Google Play edition Android 4.4.3 updates hitting most of the series’ handsets, as we wait for confirmation on tablets.
Has Samsung become the new Apple, and should we be scared?
Is Samsung the new Apple? Its recent “just enough” mentality leads us to think so. Ready why that might affect the Android space in a good way.
Nokia slips Lumia Icon comparison video onto YouTube [Update: launch confirmation]
The phone may still have yet to launch, but there’s already a Nokia Lumia Icon video available for you to check out.
iPad mini and Galaxy S 4 top insurer’s list of gadgets easiest to break
At Pocketnow we’ve developed a certain level of fame for our Durability…
Samsung launches some more faux leather GS4 variants
See the official new pics of the new faux-leather GS4 designs destined for South Korea.
Pocketnow Week in Review: week 5 news recap of 2014
Check out the Pocketnow Week in Review for the week 5 news recap of 2014, to see the most interesting, popular, and exciting topics of the week.
Bloat watch: which smartphones ship with the least available free space?
Check out an interesting look at just how much smartphone free storage is available on different models, right out of the box.
Samsung Galaxy S 4 KitKat test build leaks; no big UI overhaul yet
Find out about what Samsung’s been up to for its Galaxy S 4 KitKat update, and learn what users might still find themselves waiting for.
Pocketnow Week in Review: week 50, 2013
Check out the Pocketnow Week in Review for week 50, 2013, to see the most interesting, popular, and exciting topics of the week.
Nokia makes lemonade out of Samsung’s lemons with great PR move
Read how one user’s bad experience with Samsung customer support turned out to be a fantastic Nokia PR moment.
Galaxy S 4 Active latest family member to upgrade to Snapdragon 800
Lean what Samsung’s changing with the new Snapdragon 800 GS4 Active edition, launching in South Korea.
Android isn't laggy
Android isn’t laggy, but your cheap phone or tablet may be
Some say that Android is laggy. They’re wrong, but the reasons why aren’t simple. Read on to find out why Android isn’t laggy, and who is really to blame.
Nexus 5 compared to other flagships
Google’s latest smartphone is here, but how does it measure up against the rest of this year’s flagships? Find out with our Nexus 5 comparisons.
Ubuntu Mobile
What happened to Ubuntu Touch for Phones?
Ubuntu Mobile was cancelled in 2009 & replaced with Ubuntu Touch. The Ubuntu Edge missed its funding goal in August 2013. Is there hope for an Ubuntu phone?
Pocketnow Weekly 067: iPad Air, Lumia 1520, and corporate trollery galore
Nokia’s phablet-tablet reveal & Apple’s new iPad Air / iPad mini are two very different sides of the same coin – and today’s Pocketnow Weekly covers it all.
Samsung Galaxy S 4 – After The Buzz, Episode 24
Most new device launches go the same way: usually the press gets review units…
With so many great choices, how do you pick the right phone?
This year, there are a handful of great smartphones. With so many great choices, how do you pick the perfect smartphone for you? Read on for our thoughts!
Snapdragon 800 Galaxy S 4 coming to Europe
See why it looks like Europe is finally going to see a Snapdragon 800 Galaxy S 4.
Perfect Smartphone
You can already buy the perfect smartphone
The difference between a perfect smartphone & whatever you carrying around with you now is simply the differentiation of wants versus needs. Can you tell?
Five terrible phone hardware decisions we’ll never forget
In the smartphone world, not everything can be a hit – and even hot devices have their low points. Here’s 5 missteps ranging from the serious to the inane.
The Galaxy Note III needs to be more than just a bigger GS4
Let’s face it, when Samsung announced the original Galaxy Note at IFA…
Phone features are finally getting futuristic – and specs have nothing to do with it
The phone features of the future -the kind we saw on Star Trek- are finally showing up. But we don’t have the spec war to thank for it. Read on to see why.