Foldable smartphones
Samsung Galaxy F sounds logical for a new folding smartphone
Samsung may be considering a new name for its new foldable device, the Samsung Galaxy F, that may come with a pretty large price tag
We may not see more Galaxy S devices after the Samsung Galaxy S10
Find out which are the reasons that Samsung might have to pull the plug on its Samsung Galaxy S flagship phones after delivering the Galaxy S10
Apple v. Samsung: $533 million for design patent infringement
From what it sounds like, it seems like this verdict will be bring about a break in the court fighting between Apple and Samsung for now.
Samsung could license GPU for Exynos from NVIDIA or AMD
Signs point away from Qualcomm involvement in future Samsung smartphones, but challenges, including a negotiation over new GPUs, could stymie progress.
worst phone
What’s the most disappointing smartphone you’ve owned?
Some phones are awesome, some aren’t. While we look at all the glitz out of IFA, we want to know, what’s the most disappointing smartphone you’ve owned?
Samsung uses an internal Steve Jobs email to state its case against Apple
As the trial of Apple vs. Samsung continues today, we’ve already heard…
Pocketnow Weekly 048: Galaxy S 5 rumors meet Nokia EOS leaks in back alley, nasty knife fight ensues
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Samsung Supplied 100 Million Galaxy S Phones To Date
Samsung announced that it supplied a total number of 100,000,000 Galaxy S smartphones to date. Read the details to see how each phone performed.
How Samsung is Ruining the Galaxy Brand
Samsung’s Galaxy brand represents the cream of its Android tablet and smartphone products – and also the lowest reaches of its mobile technology. Read on to see why “Galaxy” might become the next “Droid,” and why that’s a bad thing.
Galaxy S III Has Dimmest Display Of Galaxy S Models To Date
While the Galaxy S III may have a dimmer screen than its brethren, it somewhat makes up for that with a much longer battery life.
Apple and Samsung Agree To Nothing Over Two Days Of Mediation
Settlement talks between Apple and Samsung went down over the course of two days on Monday and Tuesday, May 21 and 22, but the two giants have not reached an agreement, according to reports.
Samsung Galaxy S Aviator Brings LTE to US Cellular Smartphones
We started getting the first hints of work towards a new LTE…
Samsung Galaxy S Gets Value Pack Instead of ICS In South Korea
There was a real drama regarding the Ice Cream Sandwich update (or,…
Hardware Hack Enables Full-Speed Charging with Generic Chargers
Have you noticed how your Samsung smartphone charges faster if you are…
Samsung Bringing Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 to US
Back in September, Samsung announced its Galaxy S WiFi 3.6, a device…
MWC: Sony Xperia S Vs. Xperia P, Xperia U, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, iPhone 4S
The new Sony line-up consists of the Sony Xperia S, Xperia U…
Samsung GT-i9070 Breaks Cover As Galaxy S Advance (Update)
The original Samsung Galaxy S was wearing model numers i90xx while the…
Custom ROMs Bring Ice Cream Sandwich to Samsung Galaxy S Family
If you’ve got a smartphone based on Samsung‘s Galaxy S platform (the…
Samsung Galaxy S ‘Value Pack’ Leaked, Contains Some ICS Goodies
The situation of the Samsung Galaxy S, Ice Cream Sandwich update-wise, is…
No Android 4.0 “Value Pack” For Samsung Galaxy S After All?
Last month, Samsung shared with the world some of its plans for…
Samsung Galaxy S To Get Value Pack Instead Of Ice Cream Sandwich?
Here’s the story once again: Samsung initially said that there will be…
Samsung Backtracking On No Android 4.0 for Galaxy S Announcement
Not even Santa could ease the disappointment millions of Samsung Galaxy S…
Samsung Says No Android 4.0 for Galaxy S; TouchWiz to Blame
When HTC started work on bringing Gingerbread to the Desire, it ran…
Samsung Offering Free Games for Select Android Handsets
Google recently gave Android users the opportunity to score some great deals…