Samsung discreetly unveils Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) and Galaxy On7 Prime phones

Far from what you’d call special or eye-catching mobile gear, the entry-level Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) and mid-range Galaxy On7 Prime have come out in Vietnam and India respectively.

Samsung has Nougat update plans for a heap of Galaxy oldies, including the original J5 and J7

Samsung’s detailed, long-term Android Nougat promotion plans are official… in Turkey, including devices as old and humble as the J5, J7, J7 Prime and On7.

Flipkart spills the beans on upcoming sub-$250 Samsung Galaxy On8

No longer able (or willing) to keep up with Samsung’s constantly ballooning,…

Affordable Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) goes official in China with fingerprint sensor

For the equivalent of $240 in China, you’d probably expect more from the Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) than a Snapdragon 625 SoC and fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) and Galaxy On5 (2016) lay bare upper mid-range features

Not only are the upcoming Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) and On5 (2016) significantly more powerful than their predecessors, but they’re prettier too.

Samsung could soon slip a fingerprint scanner on the low-cost Galaxy On7 (2016)

Fingerprint recognition technology might come one step closer to mobile ubiquity before long, if the most recent Galaxy On7 (2016) rumors are to be trusted.

Samsung Galaxy On5 (2016) and Galaxy On7 (2016) may have been benchmarked

Benchmarks for what may be both devices have popped up over the last month. One looks more promising as Samsung’s flagship for the bottom dollar.

Samsung Galaxy Wide goes official in Korea with mostly forgettable specs

You probably never asked for a Galaxy On7 doppelganger, but here comes the mediocre South Korea-exclusive Samsung Galaxy Wide anyway.

Samsung Galaxy On7 gets Android Marshmallow

The Samsung Galaxy On7 is getting on with Android Marshmallow starting from today in its available regions, making the jump to version 6.0.1.

Samsung is selling a lot of (budget) smartphones

Samsung may have just posted some positive growth in its smartphones unit.…

Budget Samsung Galaxy On7 launched in China, together with On5

The Samsung Galaxy On7 is a mid-to-low-end smartphone on the budget that has just launched in China, together with On5.

Samsung Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7 are as good as official, with specs, images, and prices revealed

Not technically official yet, the Samsung Galaxy On5 has unexpectedly popped up on the OEM’s Indian website, with a full spec sheet and press images.