Galaxy Note10 5G
There is indeed a smaller Samsung Galaxy Note10 5G, just not for you
As it turns out, the larger Note10+ 5G isn’t the only 5G phone in the line-up, as there is a smaller Galaxy Note10 5G too.
Galaxy Note10+ 5G
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G takes it to the next level
Samsung today announced the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, but there’s also a dedicated 5G version of the phone, officially called Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G.
Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Unpacked event live
We’re less than two hours away from the Samsung Galaxy Note10 keynote, where DJ Koh is expected on stage to introduce the Note10 family of products.
Galaxy Note10+ 5G comes to Verizon first, pre-orders get a free Note10
According to this leak, the Galaxy Note10+ 5G will be available first on Verizon, and those who will pre-order it will get a free Note10.
Samsung Galaxy Note10 confirmed by Verizon, will have 5G
Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg not only confirmed that there will be a Galaxy Note10 on the network, but also said it will have 5G.