Samsung itself seems unsure of Galaxy Note II Android Lollipop fate
Will Samsung release a Galaxy Note II Lollipop update or not? Its own offices seem unsure of the update’s fate.
Samsung looks like it’s bringing Lollipop to the Galaxy Note II
If this Finnish Samsung site is accurate, a Galaxy Note II Lollipop update is in our future.
Samsung hit all the right points with the Galaxy Note 4
Many have called the Galaxy Note 4 an iterative, boring update to Samsung’s most interesting smartphone brand. Read why we’re quite pleased with the Note 4.
OEMs, just forget about the capacitive stylus already
Why are OEMs still messing with the capacitive stylus. Read why, at best, it’s a half-measure any how they could learn something from Samsung.
The advantages of carrying an oversized smartphone
In a world where smartphones are nearing tablet size, many are wondering what the advantages of phablets truly are. Read on to find out!
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Who’s buying a Galaxy Note 3? (Poll)
Samsung’s Galaxy Note II was a wildly popular smartphone. With the next-gen on the horizon, take our poll and tell us if you will buy a Galaxy Note 3!
I may be done with big phones for good
Large smartphones are all the rage these days. But we think we’ve finally met our match. Read why Taylor is calling it quits on large smartphones.
The Galaxy Note III needs to be more than just a bigger GS4
Let’s face it, when Samsung announced the original Galaxy Note at IFA…
A day in the life with a giant phone
We’ve had a 6.3-inch smartphone in our labs since Monday. How are we liking it so far? What’s it like using the Galaxy Mega 6.3? Read on to find out!
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Will Sony or HTC phablets vanquish the mighty Galaxy Note?
Read why we’re about to see a lot fiercer Android phablet competition, and find out who’s going to be the key players.
Galaxy Mega 6.3 vs Galaxy Note II (Video)
Samsung is growing its lineup with the Note and Mega brands. What’s the verdict of this Galaxy Mega 6.3 vs Galaxy Note II face-off? Watch to find out!
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With the S 4 launch behind us, we turn our tech podcast vocals to other pressing matters: BlackBerry’s past, Android’s present, & Windows Phone’s future.
Mugen Power 6400mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note II Quick Review
Once you pop in the Mugen Power extended battery in your Samsung Galaxy Note II things start to change. You’ll first be surprised to see that your battery icon is still showing a fully charged battery after a couple of hours of usage.
Pocketnow Weekly, Galaxy S 4 Edition: Overhyped Gimmick, or Underrated Overachiever? (Podcast)
The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is either the most overhyped pile of gimmicks ever, or the most underrated overachiever in smartphone history. Listen to this special edition of the Pocketnow Weekly to see what we think.
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 040
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The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 038
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Here’s What the Galaxy S 4 Tells Us About the Galaxy Note III
The Galaxy Note III will likely take many cues from the Galaxy S 4. Read on to see what that means for Samsung, for smartphones, and for you.
UltraPixel vs Megapixel: HTC One & Samsung Galaxy Note II Shoot-Out
Ultrapixel versus Megapixel. HTC decided to go with a combination of lower overall image size but larger pixels on its sensor. Is it enough when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note II? Check it out!
No Ordinary Stylus: Could the S Pen Jump-Start Android Tablet Apps?
Android tablet salvation -at least part of it- might come from an unlikely source: Samsung’s S Pen. Read on to see how.
Wristwatch, Redefined: Life on a Pebble Smart Watch (Video)
For the past week, I’ve lived the life of a Pebble smart watch user. How does that differ from the daily drudgery of a dumbwatch owner? Watch our video to find out.
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 034
Galaxy S IV leaks keep us busy, but our new Pebble smart watches keep us busier. Listen to this week’s podcast for these stories, plus Xperia Z unboxing and Ubuntu pronunciation guides, listener mail, and so much more. Seriously, so much. For real.
Take a Look at Samsung’s Agressive Marketing During the Oscars
Check out Samsung’s latest ad campaign, and let us know if Unicorn Apocalypse: Horn of Darkness is a movie you’d watch.
Would You Ever Make a Phone Call on an 8-inch Tablet?
Phablets were once the largest mobile devices to come with earpiece speakers for answering and placing calls. But in the last two days, Samsung and ASUS have taken the term phablet to a whole new level, announcing full-fledged tablets with earpiece speakers. Is answering your calls on your tablet the future? We sure hope not.