Samsung Galaxy Note 7R, aka Note 7 FE, aka refurb Note 7, gets benchmarked with Full HD screen

If you still don’t see the point of a so-called Samsung Galaxy Note 7R or Note 7 FE, imagine a Full HD version with a sensible price point.

Production of Galaxy Note 7 FE falls back, may not launch before July 30

The refurbished Samsung phablet with a smaller battery that’s guaranteed not to cause explosions was expected to launch on July 7 in Korea.

Samsung reportedly decides on Note FE (Fan Edition) name for refurb Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is boldly thinking of christening that divisive refurbished Galaxy Note 7 the Note FE, where the letters might stand for Fan Edition.

Galaxy Note 7R picked up in China on Taobao

It costs over $500, could have a battery with just as much capacity as the original Note 7 and is being sold in China. It could be in the US, too.

You can expect the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 to launch in Korea any day now, according to local press

That refurbished Galaxy Note 7 that seemed so unlikely just a little while ago is almost definitely coming to Korea by early June.

Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note 7 moves one step closer to Korea release with FCC approval

Samsung would probably never risk bringing the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 to the US, but apparently, a domestic re-release is worth a shot.

How to fix every Galaxy S8 review in numerous, difficult steps | #PNWeekly 250

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7R hinted for South Korea in June

A refurbished Galaxy Note 7 is expected to hit Korean carriers for the summer doldrums. And people are ready to snatch up a phone that won’t explode.

Galaxy Note 7 refurb leaked in Vietnam, release imminent

Several elements of Samsung’s scheme to bring back the Galaxy Note 7 have been shown off in leaked photos of the device in Vietnam.