Samsung Galaxy Note FE teardown reveals mostly familiar internals, significantly smaller battery
We already knew the battery inside the refurbished Note 7, aka Galaxy Note FE, was smaller than the original cell, but now we have the full picture.
Samsung quietly kicks off domestic sales of refurbished Galaxy Note 7, dubbed Note FE
Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note 7 has been a long time in “consideration”, finally going on sale in Korea today under the Note FE name.
Galaxy Note 7 FE pre-orders readied in Korea for a July 7 launch
Samsung has officially revealed the device to the public. Pre-orders will open up in time for a July 7 sales start at the cost equivalent of about $608.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7R, aka Note 7 FE, aka refurb Note 7, gets benchmarked with Full HD screen
If you still don’t see the point of a so-called Samsung Galaxy Note 7R or Note 7 FE, imagine a Full HD version with a sensible price point.
The First Camera-Phone, Ever | #PNWeekly 257
One of its creators, Philippe Kahn, retells the story of how it came to be and gives his sentiments on today’s mobile photography etiquette.
Production of Galaxy Note 7 FE falls back, may not launch before July 30
The refurbished Samsung phablet with a smaller battery that’s guaranteed not to cause explosions was expected to launch on July 7 in Korea.