The latest on what to expect from the Galaxy Note 7

It’s only days prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Does it carry the torch as the chaebol’s leading edge in mobile?

Flat-screened Samsung Galaxy Note 7 variant surfaces, but it was likely canceled

While you can bet the farm on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 featuring a dual-curved display, a flat-screened model was likely considered at one point.

A curved Galaxy Note 7 gets leaked again in photos

Learn more about some of the recent leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which clearly points to edge features being the standard

Another Galaxy Note 7 Geekbench’d, likely and sadly headed to US

The Exynos 8893 we saw earlier is gone. What we have is just like the one we saw of the supposed Verizon variant, a Snapdragon 820.

Benchmarks revive Galaxy Note 7 as a lighter Note 7 edge

Geekbench has both the Galaxy Note 7 and its edge variant with drastically different components and, not surprisingly, drastically different results.

Nothing’s certain until it’s certain: Galaxy Note 7 possibly sporting 6-inch screen

Still think bigger is better? Then you’ll be ecstatic to hear there’s a chance the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will measure 6 inches, not 5.7, in screen diagonal.

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Galaxy Note 7 edge might be the only variant that launches

Learn more about some of the recent changes that might reach the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, as we don’t expect more than one variant

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, yes, 7 announcement likely taking place August 2

The “next edge is just around the corner”, according to a plausible leaked image, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 likely due out on August 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Edge) adds dual rear camera to mind-blowing list of rumored specs

The “next big thing” from Samsung, whether it’ll be branded Galaxy Note 7, Note 7 Edge or Note 6, is now expected to carry two rear-facing cameras.

Zauba may have teased model number of Galaxy Note 7 edge

It may be time to take rumors of a curved-screen Note seriously. The Galaxy Note 7 edge may have a serial number at Samsung and an import listing shows it.
galaxy note 5

Samsung will reportedly skip over Note 6 and unveil the Galaxy Note 7 in August

To improve branding consistency, Samsung is wildly rumored to shun the Note 6 name and instead roll out the Galaxy Note 7 by the end of this summer.

Samsung’s 2017 flagship roadmap might consist of five models, including foldable ‘Galaxy X’

The Galaxy Note 6 isn’t even here yet, but that doesn’t stop rumor-mongers from, well, mongering about possible 2017 Samsung flagship releases.