Galaxy Note 9 battery overheats, smokes out, now subject of lawsuit
According to a lawsuit, a New York woman was inside an elevator with a Note 9 oozing smoke and that Samsung should’ve known about the defection.
The Best Galaxy Note You Didn’t Buy (The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after the boom)
Let’s remember the beauty that came with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after it got a new name and lost its explosive personality
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Samsung Spain gives away hundreds of Galaxy Note 8 units on Iberia flight
A Southwest flight from Louisville to Baltimore last year was not normal. Today’s 7:30am flight from Madrid to A Coruña was not normal, but fun.
Galaxy Note 8 has best US pre-order tally in series history
Good pre-orders lead to good sales and that’s what Samsung is tracking for the Note 8 not just in the US, but in Korea as well.
iFixit disassembled the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so you don’t have to
It’s probably not a good idea to tear down and try to repair the hot new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the event of anything other than catastrophic damage.
Pink Galaxy Note 8 outed in Taiwan prior to September 1 pre-orders
The pink color has been popular for Taiwanese Galaxy Note 7 buyers, so why not bring it over for the Galaxy Note 8? Now, when will it move elsewhere?
Reaxing the Galaxy Note8 | #PNWeekly 267
Does it feel like we’re rehashing the Galaxy Note7? Or have the dynamics completely changed in the course of just a year? We debate on this week’s show!
Top S Pen features on the Galaxy Note8: all new, if the Note7 never existed (Video)
The Galaxy Note 8 has an S Pen in it and with that come the features we’ve missed so dearly since the Note 7’s demise. Let’s take a look at it.
Samsung Galaxy Note FE teardown reveals mostly familiar internals, significantly smaller battery
We already knew the battery inside the refurbished Note 7, aka Galaxy Note FE, was smaller than the original cell, but now we have the full picture.
Regardless of risks, Samsung may have no choice but to launch the Galaxy Note 8 early
Even after the Galaxy Note 7 failed so miserably because of rushed production, Samsung is tipped to accelerate the Note 8 rollout.
Samsung quietly kicks off domestic sales of refurbished Galaxy Note 7, dubbed Note FE
Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note 7 has been a long time in “consideration”, finally going on sale in Korea today under the Note FE name.
Samsung probably made more money than ever in Q2 2017, even more than Apple
Thanks to the beloved Galaxy S8 duo, but more importantly memory chips and OLED screens, Samsung expects to post record profit numbers this Q2.
Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus
Samsung still bests Apple in brand perception across Asia, even after damaging Note 7 recall
Fresh research conducted across 13 pivotal Asian markets found Samsung’s brand perception around those parts remains better than Apple’s.
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6
LG G6 flops, iPhones bounce back, Galaxy S8 going strong in US smartphone sales report for June
The latest US smartphone sales report from Wave7 Research provides good news for Apple, bittersweet for Samsung and extremely bad news for LG.
Galaxy Note 7 FE pre-orders readied in Korea for a July 7 launch
Samsung has officially revealed the device to the public. Pre-orders will open up in time for a July 7 sales start at the cost equivalent of about $608.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7R, aka Note 7 FE, aka refurb Note 7, gets benchmarked with Full HD screen
If you still don’t see the point of a so-called Samsung Galaxy Note 7R or Note 7 FE, imagine a Full HD version with a sensible price point.
Does releasing the refurbished Note 7 make sense any more?
Samsung is set to release the refurbished Note 7…some time. But has Samsung already missed its window for releasing this device?
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Production of Galaxy Note 7 FE falls back, may not launch before July 30
The refurbished Samsung phablet with a smaller battery that’s guaranteed not to cause explosions was expected to launch on July 7 in Korea.
Samsung Galaxy Note FE, aka refurb Note 7, tipped for July 7 launch with Bixby
Samsung is reportedly pushing the domestic release of the controversial Galaxy Note FE dangerously close to Note 8’s highly anticipated arrival.
Samsung reportedly decides on Note FE (Fan Edition) name for refurb Galaxy Note 7
Samsung is boldly thinking of christening that divisive refurbished Galaxy Note 7 the Note FE, where the letters might stand for Fan Edition.
Samsung Galaxy S8 sales described as ‘going smoothly’, having already exceeded 5 million units
Samsung is pleased with how Galaxy S8 sales have been going around the world so far, but will this become the most successful S release ever?
Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note 7 moves one step closer to Korea release with FCC approval
Samsung would probably never risk bringing the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 to the US, but apparently, a domestic re-release is worth a shot.
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