The latest on what to expect from the Galaxy Note 7

It’s only days prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Does it carry the torch as the chaebol’s leading edge in mobile?

Here comes visual confirmation of the oft-rumored iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7

It’s finally etched in stone – the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 looks similar to the S7 Edge, but adds an iris sensor to the biometric authentication mix.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, yes, 7 announcement likely taking place August 2

The “next edge is just around the corner”, according to a plausible leaked image, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 likely due out on August 2.

Galaxy Beta Program’s “New Note UX” makes app drawer optional

Some Chinese and Korean Note 5 owners are seeing a new TouchWiz UI with the Galaxy Beta Program. Is it a sign of things to come with the Note 7?

There may possibly be an iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7

Just possibly. A leaked screenshot from a Samsung phone on the Galaxy Beta Program has an extraneous security option for iris scanning.

Research firm foresees 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy S8 with 4K UHD screen

Too early to try to crack the Samsung Galaxy S8 specification puzzle? Never, with all signs pointing to a 4K UHD screen measuring around 5.5 inches.

Native Android N on Galaxy Note 7 not likely happening

With new versions of Android launching in early fall and Galaxy Notes debuting closer to mid-summer, having Android N on the Note 7 may not be a thing.

Blueprint-based render video purports to show familiar-looking Galaxy Note 6/Note 7

Whether it end ups being called Galaxy Note 6 or Note 7, Samsung’s “next big thing” is here… in unofficially rendered form.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Edge) adds dual rear camera to mind-blowing list of rumored specs

The “next big thing” from Samsung, whether it’ll be branded Galaxy Note 7, Note 7 Edge or Note 6, is now expected to carry two rear-facing cameras.

Zauba may have teased model number of Galaxy Note 7 edge

It may be time to take rumors of a curved-screen Note seriously. The Galaxy Note 7 edge may have a serial number at Samsung and an import listing shows it.
galaxy note 5

Samsung will reportedly skip over Note 6 and unveil the Galaxy Note 7 in August

To improve branding consistency, Samsung is wildly rumored to shun the Note 6 name and instead roll out the Galaxy Note 7 by the end of this summer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 inches closer to 6GB RAM and iris scanner confirmation

While we can’t really be certain of anything regarding the Galaxy Note 6 yet, Samsung may have just let the 6GB RAM cat out of the bag.

Samsung’s 2017 flagship roadmap might consist of five models, including foldable ‘Galaxy X’

The Galaxy Note 6 isn’t even here yet, but that doesn’t stop rumor-mongers from, well, mongering about possible 2017 Samsung flagship releases.

Blass: Galaxy Note 6 to debut mid-August

Evan Blass has leaked out a timeframe for when we can expect the next Galaxy Note 6 launch event to happen and it once again comes before the iPhone debut.

Wild rumor calls for Samsung Galaxy Note 6 ‘Lite’ with Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM

As crazy as it sounds, the main 6GB RAM/Snapdragon 823 Galaxy Note 6 might be accompanied to market by a “Lite” version with 4GB RAM and SD820.

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Weibo rumorer splats down everything Galaxy Note 6

All your fantasy specs for a 2016 flagship seem to be in this Weibo post, but that doesn’t mean that you should believe it. At least, right away.

Rumors point Samsung’s transition to USB-C on the Galaxy Note 6

You may have one more reason to eye the Galaxy Note 6 this year. Plus, would USB-C on a new phone mean a new Gear VR headset?

Galaxy Note 6 prototypes reportedly include 5.8-inch curved model with 4,000 mAh battery

It’s probably too early for Samsung to make its Galaxy Note 6 decisions, but the S Pen-enabled phablet could offer a 5.8-inch curved display as standard.

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Rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specs reiterated: 6GB RAM, 5.8-inch screen

It’s not carved in stone yet, but it’s extremely likely the upcoming 5.8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will pack Exynos 8890 power and 6GB RAM.

Galaxy Note 6 model number leak hints that a European release is back in the running

Unlike last year’s Note 5 no-show, a Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Europe edition appears to be under development.

Next batch of Android flagships could jump to Snapdragon 823 with up to 8GB RAM

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC is more than adequate for today’s high-end Androids, but soon enough, Samsung, LG and Sony should move to Snapdragon 823.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 tipped to withstand water interaction, sport iris scanner

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is still at least a few months away, but that can’t stop rumormongers from mongering about its possible water protection.

How long can phablets stay on top?

It’s not a matter of IF large screen smartphones can remain popular, but WHEN will they fall out of favor? How long can phablets stay on top?