It will come back. Yes. You heard it right.They are discussing about it since the S21 Ultra with S-Pen's market response and sales record hasn't met their expectations.— Tron ❂ (@FrontTron) May 31, 2021
Is the Samsung Galaxy Note coming back in 2022?
Samsung might be reviving the Galaxy Note line in 2022, partly because Galaxy S21 Ultra failed to meet expectations despite stylus support.
I got to hold the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra
Today Samsung announced the new Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra via the Galaxy Unpacked Livestream web broadcast. What are they really like to hold in the hand?
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galaxy note 9 s-pen
More hands on videos keep coming, now featuring the Samsung Galaxy Note 9
New hands on video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has surfaced and we can see the confirmation of all the rumors we’ve received recently
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Samsung Galaxy F sounds logical for a new folding smartphone
Samsung may be considering a new name for its new foldable device, the Samsung Galaxy F, that may come with a pretty large price tag
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C Pen: The Poor Man’s S Pen (Video)
Samsung’s Galaxy Note II isn’t the only hot new smartphone to offer stylus support. Watch our video to see how the Galaxy S III’s “C Pen” holds up against the “S Pen” in real-world testing.
Samsung Galaxy Note II Review
Samsung’s new Galaxy Note II is the sequel to its surprisingly successful Galaxy Note phone/tablet hybrid. Read our in-depth review to see how well this Android phablet fills its predecessor’s shoes!
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Display To Employ Flexible OLED Tech?
The Galaxy Note 2 could use an OLED display with minimal glass components, making for a lighter and thinner phone.
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