128GB unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on sale in eBay

This might be one of the best moments to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, considering the price drops because of the newest Galaxy Note flagship
galaxy note 9 s-pen

More hands on videos keep coming, now featuring the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

New hands on video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has surfaced and we can see the confirmation of all the rumors we’ve received recently
Foldable smartphones

Samsung Galaxy F sounds logical for a new folding smartphone

Samsung may be considering a new name for its new foldable device, the Samsung Galaxy F, that may come with a pretty large price tag

We may not see more Galaxy S devices after the Samsung Galaxy S10

Find out which are the reasons that Samsung might have to pull the plug on its Samsung Galaxy S flagship phones after delivering the Galaxy S10

The Best Galaxy Note You Didn’t Buy (The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after the boom)

Let’s remember the beauty that came with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after it got a new name and lost its explosive personality

Reaxing the Galaxy Note8 | #PNWeekly 267

Does it feel like we’re rehashing the Galaxy Note7? Or have the dynamics completely changed in the course of just a year? We debate on this week’s show!

Is the Galaxy Note 7’s iris scanner and S Pen worth the extra cash?

The next big thing is here, again, and we’re left to bask…

Is there still a place for the Galaxy Note in Samsung’s flagship lineup?

Galaxies keep getting bigger while the Notes stay the same. Samsung basically…

Samsung tries to rain on Apple’s parade with series of mocking tweets

Samsung mocks Apple once again, this time claiming the iPad Pro’s Pencil accessory sounds familiar, and suggesting the new iPhones can’t beat the S6 Edge+.

Samsung, it’s time to bring the S Pen to a smaller device

The S Pen is one of the defining features of Samsung’s tremendously…

The Greatest Case; another fix for smartphone UI design incompetence

Take a look at a new take on solving the smartphone UI screen button placement problem.

Samsung hit all the right points with the Galaxy Note 4

Many have called the Galaxy Note 4 an iterative, boring update to Samsung’s most interesting smartphone brand. Read why we’re quite pleased with the Note 4.

OEMs, just forget about the capacitive stylus already

Why are OEMs still messing with the capacitive stylus. Read why, at best, it’s a half-measure any how they could learn something from Samsung.

Sony Xperia Z3 vs original Galaxy Note in photos

Learn more about the the Sony Xperia Z3, which is rumored to be the company’s next flagship. We have some very interesting comparison photos.

The advantages of carrying an oversized smartphone

In a world where smartphones are nearing tablet size, many are wondering what the advantages of phablets truly are. Read on to find out!

Top 5 annoying things about Tablets in 2013

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Hey, OEMs: either do a stylus right, or not at all

Read why we hate lousy styluses on mobile devices, and what OEMs need to pay attention to in order to do things right.

What counts as a “phablet” anymore?

Is a 6.5-inch handset a phablet? What about a 5.2-inch model? Come with us as we take a hard look at the meaning of phablet.

Samsung goes bigger without going bigger

Samsung goes bigger with the Note 3, but not in size. The software and S Pen enhancements are what really drive the innovation forward.

Will Sony or HTC phablets vanquish the mighty Galaxy Note?

Read why we’re about to see a lot fiercer Android phablet competition, and find out who’s going to be the key players.

No Ordinary Stylus: Could the S Pen Jump-Start Android Tablet Apps?

Android tablet salvation -at least part of it- might come from an unlikely source: Samsung’s S Pen. Read on to see how.

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Samsung Offers Chart of Jelly Bean Dates, Including for Galaxy Note

Find out when Samsung might get around to releasing Jelly Bean for the original Galaxy Note.

Samsung Publishes Updated Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Jelly Bean Manual

Samsung has published an updated version of its User Manual for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000, refreshed with Jelly Bean features. Roll-out shouldn’t be far off!