Apple v. Samsung: Sales ban granted, but only for brownie points
It’s a sales ban granted, but a sales ban not had. Apple wins an injunction against Samsung on three patents, but is it all penny wise and pound foolish?
best Nexus
This was the best Nexus of all time
From the Nexus One to this year’s models, which is the best Nexus of all time? Let’s look at the hits and the misses that have carried the Nexus name.
How to retrofit your smartphone or tablet with Qi wireless charging
How to retrofit your smartphone or tablet with Qi wireless charging (video)
Not all devices support wireless charging. Luckily, if your phone or tablet has a micro-USB port, it’s very easy to retrofit it with Qi wireless charging!
Nexus 6
Are the days of the affordable Nexus over?
In recent years, Nexus devices have become surprisingly affordable. Not so with Google’s newest Nexus products. Read our thoughts on the Nexus 6 pricing.
How far we’ve come: Google’s Nexus legacy, 2010-2014
Rumor has it the Nexus smartphone line might be looking at retirement. True or not, we thought it a good excuse to take a look back at Google Nexus history.
Ubuntu Touch dropping support for majority of Nexus models
Find out which Nexus models are seeing their Ubuntu Touch support dry up.
Android 4.4 ROMS
These devices have Android 4.4 ROMs available
We all want to run the latest operating system, but sometimes they’re so slow to arrive. Here’s a list of Android 4.4 ROMs that may just work on your device
How to Flash KitKat on your Android today
Whether you’ve got a Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, or even an original Nexus 7, to run the latest version of Android all you’ve got to go is Flash KitKat!
Ubuntu Mobile
What happened to Ubuntu Touch for Phones?
Ubuntu Mobile was cancelled in 2009 & replaced with Ubuntu Touch. The Ubuntu Edge missed its funding goal in August 2013. Is there hope for an Ubuntu phone?
Remember when smartphones came with a ton of accessories?
Unboxing videos are shells of their former selves, because no OEMs bundle cool accessories anymore. Wax nostalgic with us with some smartphone memories.
What’s New In Android 4.2.2 (Video)
Watch as we look at Android 4.2.2 and try to figure out what is new in this update.
How To Relock Your Nexus and Return it to Stock (Video)
Watch as we show you how to re-lock and re-image your Google Nexus device to factory-condition.
Flashing and Hands-On with Android 4.2
How-To Flash and Hands-On With Android 4.2 (Video)
Watch how to flash Android 4.2 on your Galaxy Nexus (GSM) or Nexus 7, and see some of the new features in action.
Multiple Nexus Phones Would Have Been Objectively Awesome, Tactically Dumb
Google’s Nexus 4 was, according to one rumor, only one of a number of Nexus smartphones to be announced this year. Read on to see why that would -and wouldn’t- have been awesome.
How to Root Your Galaxy Nexus Without Unlocking the Bootloader (Video)
Learn how you can root your Galaxy Nexus without OEM unlocking it, and without wiping your device.
This Is Our Dream Nexus Smartphone, What’s Yours?
It’s common that many of you ask us for information on our…
Will Multiple Nexus Phones Ruin the Nexus Brand?
Read about how multiple Nexus phones from multiple manufacturers could be a very good thing… or a very bad thing.
Here’s How To Get LTE on Your Sprint Galaxy Nexus
Learn about why you’re not getting LTE on your Sprint LTE phone, even if you’re under an LTE umbrella — and what you can do about it.
CM10 Shows G1 Some Jelly Bean Love, CM9 Starts Going Stable
Check out the latest releases of note from the CyanogenMod ROM crew.
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: Why aren’t NFC-Enabled Phones Compatible with Each Other?
Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to transfer something from…
Here’s What Devices Pocketnow Staff Are Using Right Now
We thought we’d let all of our dear readers know what devices the Pocketnow Editors are carrying at the moment.
What’s Next For Google’s Nexus Brand Of Devices?
Google loves to use Nexus models to shape the evolution of Android hardware. What could we expect to see from its next-such handset?
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: Oh No! My Wife’s Phone Was “Stolen”! (Video)
What do you do when your smartphone goes missing? Here’s the real story of how my wife’s GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus was “stolen” — and a bizarre turn-of events that makes me want to get new locks.
OEMs, Leave Jelly Bean Alone, Times Have Changed
Android has come a long way in the past four years. From…
Using Jelly Bean: Two Weeks Later
It’s been about two weeks since I started using Jelly Bean, both…