Samsung Galaxy J6, J8, A6 and A6+ come to India with Infinity Displays for tight budgets
The oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy J6 is officially out in India at a starting price of around $205, with a higher-end J8 available for the rough equivalent of $280, and the A6 and A6+ priced slightly higher.
New Samsung Galaxy J4 renders, Galaxy J6 pricing hints and J7 Aero benchmark crop up
We know exactly how the Samsung Galaxy J4 will look, how much the Galaxy J6 is supposed to cost in India, and how outdated the J7 Aero is going to feel on AT&T.
Get ready to ‘say hello’ to the Infinity Display Galaxy J6 on May 21 in India
The Galaxy J6, which will most likely be Samsung’s cheapest Infinity Display phone to date, is expected out at a Mumbai event in India early next week.
Samsung Galaxy J6 price rumored, Infinity Display manhandled ahead of official launch
It sounds like the Samsung Galaxy J6 will be the company’s first truly affordable “Infinity Display” smartphone, with a plastic build apparently helping it keep the price low.
New information revealed about Samsung Galaxy J6, J4, J3 (2018) and J7 Aero
The low to mid-end Samsung Galaxy J6 is widely expected to sport a (likely HD+) Infinity Display, but the J4, J3 (2018), aka Express Prime 3 or J3 Eclipse 2, and J7 Aero will probably stick to 16:9 screens with thick bezels.
Modest Samsung Galaxy J6 expected to come with HD+ ‘Infinity Display’ soon
The flagship-introduced “Infinity Display” has been expanded to the upper mid-range Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018), with the low-end Samsung Galaxy J6 probably up next.
Galaxy A8 (2018) may come to US with Snapdragon processor
New codenames reveal a few devices we should expect from Samsung in 2018, from tablets to smartphones. That includes upper mid-rangers of Asia.