Gear S2: Samsung’s next wearable won’t be powered by Android Wear, and that makes me sad
We caught some glimpses of the Samsung Gear S2 at the Unpacked event, but the device that will be shown at IFA likely won’t be powered by Android Wear.
apple watch bands
Bands for Apple Watch may be its killer feature
All wristwatches have to have a band to fasten them to your arm, so why not make use of the band? Apple Watch bands may be its killer feature!
Here’s what Android Wear needs to learn from Apple Watch
Apple Watch versus Android Wear: Which is better and what can one learn from the other? Let’s dive into what each does well, and where both need to improve.
Samsung pimps its Gear smartwatch lineup with word of over 1,000 apps
Which smartwatch platform should you go with? Will word of over 1,000 Gear smartwatch apps help sway your decision?
Google should leave Samsung alone until it can do a better job
OEMs were asked to delay tablets until Honeycomb, now it’s the same thing with smartwatches. Google should leave Samsung alone until it can do a better job.
augmented reality smartwatch
Could smartwatches finally make augmented reality attractive?
VR headsets look terrible and AR apps make you look goofy. We’re already wearing watches on our wrists. Could we soon see an augmented reality smartwatch?
Original Galaxy Gear update transitions smartwatch to Tizen
Samsung’s got a Galaxy Gear Tizen update incoming, replacing the watch’s OS with Samsung’s latest pet project.
Samsung smartwatch market share rises to 71% following strong first quarter sales
Following a powerful first quarter sales showing, it was only inevitable that the Samsung smartwatch market share would rise as it has done.
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First-gen Galaxy Gear comes in a hair under $100 (one day sale)
Get the details on the best Samsung Galaxy Gear sale we’ve heard of to date.
Samsung has fixed its Gear pricing … sort of
Last week, we finally got official word on Samsung’s Gear 2 pricing. At $300, is the watch still overpriced? Read on for our take!
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Smartwatches sorely need cross-device app standards
Without a standard, cross-platform smartwatch apps may be doomed before wearables get off the ground.
Is the Gear Fit the cure for the common smart watch?
Could Samsung’s new Gear Fit smart band save the company from the throes of smart watch mediocrity?
Samsung Gear 2 vs Galaxy Gear: hands-on (Video)
Samsung dropped the ‘Galaxy’ moniker from its new smart watch, but it added a whole lot more. Find out what, in Samsung Gear 2 vs Galaxy Gear!
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New Galaxy Gear deals push smartwatch below $200 mark
Find out who’s offering the most Galaxy Gear savings in this current round of retail and carrier deals.
smartwatch custom rom
Custom ROMs for smartwatches will soon be available
It’s not as far-fetched as you might think, a rooted custom kernel is now available for a watch. Will smartwatch custom ROMs be next?
Galaxy Gear Nexus 5
How to use the Galaxy Gear with the Nexus 5 (video)
What if you have a non-Samsung phone and want to use it with your super cool new smartwatch? Here’s how to use your Galaxy Gear with the Nexus 5.
Galaxy Gear price cuts could be coming (but is it too late?)
Learn why Galaxy Gear price cuts may be in our future, and how this could all be tied to the launch of a new Galaxy Gear model.
Smartwatches will not be a fad, if done right
Smartwatches are part of the unproven and still very new wearable market. But is the smartwatch a fad? Learn why we don’t think so here!
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The Lenovo Motorola deal kicks off our recap of a startling week in tech, and Ryan Negri tells us about the journey of starting Negri Electronics. Tune in!
Wearables will not replace smartphones … yet
Smartwatches are little more than peripherals. But could there be a standalone watchphone? Read why the wearable smartphone won’t exist for some time.