Z Fold 3 vs Z Fold
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Fold
This article describes the major changes Samsung’s foldables have seen over the last two years and how the Z Fold 3 might be the right device to help jump ship into the world of foldables.
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Samsung Galaxy Fold gets a taste of Android 11 with One UI 3.0 update
The Galaxy Fold started receiving the Android 11 based One UI 3.0 update last week, and it also brings the January Android security patch.
Samsung Galaxy Fold update
Samsung Galaxy Fold’s selfie cam can now record [email protected], gets June 2020 security patch
Single Take, Pro video, My Filters, AR Zone, Selfie Tone, and Night Timelapse have also been added.
Foldable phones are awesome, but they’re not the future
Foldable phones have long been hailed as the holy grail of innovation in smartphone technology. But do pompous exterior and powerful internals always mean practical?
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Samsung sells 1 million Galaxy Fold units worldwide
According to Samsung Electronics’ President, the South Korean tech giant managed to sell one million units of the Galaxy Fold.
Samsung Galaxy Fold review:
Samsung Galaxy Fold launches in China, sells out in 5 minutes
Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, is competing directly against Huawei’s first of the kind, the Mate X, in China.
Samsung Galaxy Fold review
Samsung Galaxy Fold review: the future is ALMOST here?!
Samsung Galaxy Fold review: it may not be my favorite smartphone of 2019, but it’s one of the coolest products I’ve used in the last decade.
Samsung Galaxy Fold availability to expand hitting Netherlands next
According to recent reports the Samsung foldable smartphone, dubbed Galaxy Fold, is making its way to The Netherlands as well.
Samsung planning to sell 6 million foldable next year
As far as foldable devices are concerned, Samsung is aiming to sell at least 6 million of these devices next year, according to reports.
Samsung Galaxy Fold problems continue: branding letters are falling off
It’s more aesthetic rather than functional, but one shouldn’t expect letters to fall off from the branding etched on the sides of a super premium device.
Here we go again: Galaxy Fold display damaged after one day of use
Now TechCrunch is reporting that their review unit developed a damaged display after just one day of regular use.
Samsung will replace your broken Galaxy Fold screen once at $149
The Galaxy Fold will go official (again), in the United States on September 27, and Samsung will throw in a one-time-only screen replacement for $149.
Samsung Galaxy Fold launches on September 27 in the U.S.
As Evan Blass has anticipated at the beginning of the month, it looks like the Galaxy Fold would launch globally, which includes the United States as well.
Samsung shares details on the Galaxy Fold software experience
Work on the Galaxy Fold software experience started in April last year in close collaboration with Google, to provide integrated OS support from Android.
Samsung announces Galaxy Fold availability, Galaxy Fold 5G variant
Samsung today announced the availability of the foldable Galaxy Fold, as well as a Galaxy Fold 5G options that will hit select markets.
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evleaks: Samsung Galaxy Fold launching on September 27
According to Evan Blass, the launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is September 27. Whether that’s U.S.-only or worldwide is yet unknown.
Samsung Galaxy Fold to launch this Friday in Korea
The Korea Herald writes that “Samsung Electronics is making last-minute efforts to release the world’s first foldable display smartphone this week”.
Samsung Galaxy Fold launch hinted for September 6
September 6 is the new launch date for the Galaxy Fold according to rumors, and it looks like Samsung will be bringing it to the upcoming IFA 2019.
Samsung Galaxy Fold launching around the iPhone 11 event date
The Samsung Galaxy Fold launch is predicted to happen between September 18 and September 20, around the time the iPhone 11 becomes official.
Samsung finally reveals Galaxy Fold availability: coming in September
Samsung is now officially sharing information about the availability of the Galaxy Fold, reitarating the changes made to the device.
Samsung Galaxy Fold reportedly passes all tests, still no exact launch date
The Samsung Galaxy Fold has allegedly passed all of its in-house tests, but a company executive has no information on a launch date.
Samsung Galaxy Fold spotted in the wild
As you can see in the image attached, the person riding the metro in India’s capital, New Delhi, is holding a Samsung Galaxy Fold.
Galaxy Fold breaks
Samsung Galaxy Fold redesign complete, report suggests
A recent report is citing unnamed sources who claim that the Samsung Galaxy Fold redesign is now complete and the company managed to fix the problems.
Samsung CEO admits to ‘pushing’ the Galaxy Fold ‘before it was ready’
Samsung CEO DJ Koh admitted, in a meeting in Seoul with members of the media, that he pushed the Galaxy Fold to the market before it was ready.
Samsung: Galaxy Fold delays won’t affect Galaxy Note10 launch
The Galaxy Note 10 will have its own timeline for its debut in August, regardless of the Galaxy Fold’s launch schedule, says companuy exec.