Samsung Galaxy S10 rumor roundup: what to expect from all these phones [U]

There are three main Galaxy S10 variants, then there’s the 5G version (or two), and then a completely unrelated foldable phone! Let’s unpack the details.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

A certain Samsung Galaxy Fold moniker has been trademarked by the Korean phone manufacturer in Turkey. What does it mean?

Galaxy Flex, Mate Flex, LG G Flex, Flexis Praxis | #PNWeekly 333

Jacklyn Dallas (aka NothingButTech88) joins us to talk about folding phone branding, Black Friday deals and news of future flagships!

Samsung Galaxy Flex will have an insane price tag

According to a recent report, the upcoming Samsung foldable smartphone, dubbed Galaxy Flex or Samsung Flex, will have an insane price tag.
Galaxy F

Samsung’s foldable smartphone: from Galaxy F to Galaxy Flex or Samsung Flex

A recent Wall Street Journal report uncovers the possibility of Samsung’s foldable smartphone being called Galaxy Flex or Samsung Flex.