This is apparently the Samsung Galaxy C10, the company’s first dual camera phone

Check out the typical CAD render and 360-degree video dance of the Samsung Galaxy C10, dual camera setup, front-mounted fingerprint sensor and all.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro hauls its 6GB RAM, large screen and battery to India

Samsung’s first ever 6GB RAM smartphone, the “mid-range” Galaxy C9 Pro, is no longer a China exclusive, spreading its wings to Indian shores.

Wealth of inside information on Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, C7 Pro and C9 Pro surfaces online

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro and C5 Pro, plus a C9 Pro Asian expansion word.

6GB RAM Samsung Galaxy C9 is probably the star of this October 21 China event teaser

Samsung’s “next big thing” for China is literally right around the corner, with the Galaxy C9 poised to beat the Note 7 in the RAM department.

Samsung Galaxy C9 likely billed as China’s ‘next big thing’, 4000 mAh battery and all

Could the Galaxy C9 help Samsung make amends for Note 7’s failures? Maybe in China, if you’re only interested in RAM count and battery size.

It’s practically confirmed now: Samsung Galaxy C9 sports 6GB RAM, 16MP rear and front cams

Three benchmark listings in the space of a few days show the upcoming “non-flagship” Samsung Galaxy C9 as featuring 6GB RAM and a 16MP front cam.

Samsung Galaxy C9 could be company’s first 6GB RAM mobile powerhouse

Although technically the Samsung Galaxy C9 isn’t a flagship Android phone, we’re pretty certain it’s going to offer 6GB RAM and 16MP rear and front cams.

Galaxy galleria: details show up on Samsung Z2, Galaxy C9, J7 Prime

Media-grade renders leak for the new Tizen phone, the mid-ranger that could top mid-rangers gets a raw price and there is a new mid-range delineation.

How much higher can it go? Mystery ‘mid-end’ Samsung Galaxy C9 reportedly incoming

It’s exciting to think the upcoming Samsung Galaxy C9 will likely sport even higher-end specs than the C7, though that also means an excessive price tag.