Wealth of inside information on Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, C7 Pro and C9 Pro surfaces online

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro and C5 Pro, plus a C9 Pro Asian expansion word.

Tenaa certification reveals Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro front camera and battery upgrades

Compared to the standard C5, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro will apparently bump up battery capacity to 3,000mAh and improve selfie prowess too.

Galaxy C5 FCC papers get in, Galaxy C7’s too

But Samsung may not end up bringing the Galaxy C5 and C7 to the United States, at least for now. Looking into the papers, we’d be struck to see it happen.

Samsung Galaxy C5 breaks cover in China with full metal jacket, 4GB RAM, Samsung Pay support

Right on schedule, the oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy C5 has finally gone official in China, where it’s priced at $335 and up with upper mid-range features.

Samsung Galaxy C5 colors shine in leaks

Gold, pink gold, gray and silver. Not terribly unique choices for color, but hey, that’s what you’ll supposedly get with the Galaxy C5.

Galaxy C5 pricing rumors take it higher, Galaxy C7 way higher

The mid-range phones packing Snapdragon 600-series processors are getting a few neat-o features, but at exactly what cost? Not $275 as rumored before.

Samsung Galaxy C5 bares all for Tenaa: metal build, wasp waist, 4GB RAM

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy C5 is razor-thin, robust and endowed with impressive specifications for its recently rumored price point.

Only one week to go until the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy C5 and C7

Samsung’s best mid-range phones to date, the HTC-inspired Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7, are now practically confirmed for a May 26 debut in Beijing.

HTC-emulating Samsung Galaxy C5 and C7 tipped to cost only $245 and $275 in China

You might be easily convinced to look the other away when it comes to similarities between the Galaxy C5/C7 and past HTC flagships if this rumor pans out.

Hey look, it’s the HTC-aping Samsung Galaxy C5 yet again

To the disdain of many hardcore fans, the Samsung Galaxy C5 appears to inch closer to a formal announcement, with one too many HTC design similarities.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy C5 pics hint at bizarre HTC One M9 similarities

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy C5 sounds like an unusually powerful mid-range phone, but looks an awful lot like previous-gen HTC flagships.

Samsung gets ready to redefine mid-range phone standards… again, with 4GB RAM Galaxy C7

A “mid-range” Samsung Galaxy C7 is almost certainly in the works, alongside the recently rumored C5, and this one looks even better and higher-end on paper.