Samsung’s Marshmallow update roadmap revised again, with Note 4 and Edge delays

Following the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge+, and Note 5, April could see the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Here are all the Samsungs ‘confirmed’ for Marshmallow updates in Q1 and Q2 2016

A good dozen or so major Samsung products should be up for Android Marshmallow updates in the first two quarters of 2016, according to a fresh rumor.

Samsung will allegedly roll out Marshmallow updates in three phases

The champion of smartphone sales could also become the champion of software support next year, after three comprehensive waves of Marshmallow updates.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha due for retirement already?

It only launched in August – is it already Samsung Galaxy Alpha retirement time?

Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha already has Gorilla Glass 4

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha Gorilla Glass 4 usage has finally been confirmed by Corning, making this device the first official phone with the new glass.

Samsung might be working on yet another smartphone lineup

Learn more about the new reports of Samsung smartphones that include a different numeric moniker, and which could stand for a new smartphone lineup.
removable batteries

The Galaxy Alpha and Note 4: proof positive that removable batteries don’t have to make your phone ugly

Whether or not you like the brand, Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 have proven that removable batteries don’t have to make your phone ugly.

Samsung Galaxy A5 press renders leaked, launch imminent

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy A5, as it seems that Sammy still believes in great hardware on mid-tier specifications for this device.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: the phone the Galaxy S5 should have been (almost)

Samsung’s prettiest-ever smartphone is a little late, but it’s here– and it’s the phone the Galaxy S5 should have been. Join us for our Galaxy Alpha review!

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Video)

We all but fell in love with the Galaxy Alpha at IFA. See how it stacks up against its flagship forerunner in our Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Alpha comparison!

Samsung Galaxy A-series pricing details leak

From the sound of things, Samsung Galaxy A-series pricing won’t be that much higher than what you’d pay for a Nexus phone.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes to the US later this week

Find out when the AT&T Galaxy Alpha is set to arrive, and what you can hope to pay for the metal-ringed smartphone.

Leaks deliver Samsung Galaxy A5 pics, specs, and A3 info

Check out the latest Samsung Galaxy A5 pics, as well as new spec info on both it and the Galaxy A3.

Are these images of a Samsung Galaxy Alpha refresh?

Possible Samsung Galaxy Alpha 2 images have been uploaded by the Chinese regulatory board, TENAA. Here’s what’s different from the regular Galaxy Alpha.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Galaxy S5 (video)

In our Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Galaxy S5 video, we’re comparing the S-flagship (cause there’s also a Note flagship now) with the metallic-framed new arrival

Samsung Galaxy Alpha hands-on (Video)

Is this the metal Samsung phone you’ve been demanding? After launching last month, we finally get to see the Galaxy Alpha hands-on at IFA this week.

Galaxy Alpha tipped to spawn new A-series for Samsung

A whole lineup of Samsung Samsung Galaxy A smartphones may be about to spring forth from the Galaxy Alpha.

Metal doesn’t always make a phone better

Plastic smartphones are under constant scrutiny, but metal phones aren’t inherently better. Read why Samsung’s metal-clad Galaxy Alpha fails to impress.

Blackphone vs BlackBerry, Galaxy Alpha, and another OnePlus screwup | Pocketnow Weekly 109

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Rumors, confirmations, and a box: week 33 recap: week in review

The technology world is a fast moving one, and hence, there are…

Samsung metal designs returning for Note 4, Galaxy S6?

We look at a report that claims a big uptick in Samsung’s use of metal in its smartphone bodies, including rumors of a metal Galaxy S6.

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha specs: what makes the metal-framed Galaxy tick?

Get the Samsung-confirmed details, breaking down what you’ll find from Samsung Galaxy Alpha specs.