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Four-camera Samsung Galaxy A9 leak details shooters

Today’s Evan Blass Samsung Galaxy A9 leak details the four cameras of the phone that will launch today as the world’s first quad-camera smartphone.

Galaxy A9 Star and A9 Star Lite come to China with ‘Infinity’ screens and dual cameras

Galaxy A9 Star and Galaxy A9 Star Lite are the confusing names of Samsung’s latest China-exclusive “Infinity” smartphones with dual rear cameras.

Entire mid-range Samsung Galaxy A (2016) smartphone family ‘confirmed’ for Nougat updates

Android Nougat updates are apparently not just headed for Galaxy S7, Note 5, S6 and Tab S2 models… eventually, but the full 2016 Galaxy A roster also.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro launches in India at $485 with 5,000 mAh battery in tow

You can hardly call the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro a mid-range phone, and its price tag in India reflects an overall remarkable spec sheet.

How much higher can it go? Mystery ‘mid-end’ Samsung Galaxy C9 reportedly incoming

It’s exciting to think the upcoming Samsung Galaxy C9 will likely sport even higher-end specs than the C7, though that also means an excessive price tag.

Galaxy A8 is the latest non-flagship Samsung to jump on Marshmallow bandwagon

Closely following in the footsteps of its Galaxy A9 big brother, the mid-range, metal-clad Samsung Galaxy A8 today begins its Marshmallow rollout in India.

Samsung Galaxy A9 also receives Android 6.0 Marshmallow over-the-air

It’s not only flagships and global blockbusters that get to run Marshmallow nowadays, as the China-only Samsung Galaxy A9 also moves to Android 6.0.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro goes official in China with 4GB RAM, 5,000 mAh battery

The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is a little more than just another eerily familiar mid-end Android phone. It’s a flagship in its own right, with 4GB RAM in tow.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro shows its face ahead of formal China debut

It may look almost exactly the same as the A9, but the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is even higher-end, with 4GB RAM and a 16MP camera in tow.

New Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro benchmarks show how it improves over Galaxy A9 itself

See what the latest benchmark leak can tell us about Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro hardware.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro GFXBench’d

From what we can tell, the SM-A9100 will have a Snapdragon 652, Android 6.0.1 and a 16-megapixel rear camera. Now, how much will this cost exactly?

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro closes in on official launch, wild guess calls for Windows 10 onboard

A cryptic Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is most likely around the corner, possibly running Windows 10 Mobile, since the standard A9 is already pretty impressive.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro may be on the way

But with the original Galaxy A9 already about *this* close in price to the Galaxy S6, we have to wonder where this Galaxy A9 Pro will land.

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) officially goes on sale in China at close to $500

Before likely showing up in Las Vegas for a CES 2016 re-introduction, the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) has opened sales in China, at around $490.

Massive Samsung Galaxy A9 expected to cost almost $500 in China

The just-unveiled Samsung Galaxy A9 should be priced at nearly $500 in China, gigantic 1,080p screen, metal-and-glass body and fingerprint sensor included.

“Why?” asks voice-over for Samsung Galaxy A commercial

A rousing launch in China has us curious as to whether the…

Samsung Galaxy A9 finally makes its debut as upper-mid-range phablet

After months of waiting, the Samsung Galaxy A9 is finally official – see what this high-powered phablet has to offer.

A few more details on the Samsung Galaxy A9 pop up in leaked spec card

Can’t you feel that holiday cheer, Samsung? The Ga-la-la-la-laaa-la-la-laxy A9 is back…

Samsung Galaxy A9 leaks in full ahead of launch, 4,000 mAh battery in tow

The Samsung Galaxy A9 holds no more secrets with a few weeks likely left until it officially goes on sale, as presentation slides are disclosed online.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) specs now set in stone, Full HD display included

The second-gen Samsung Galaxy A5 will clearly be much more than your typical mid-range Android, with a premium construction and Full HD screen in tow.
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Samsung Galaxy A9 ready to launch next week?

Will next week finally bring us confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy A9 launch? It could come as soon as Tuesday.

Samsung Galaxy A9 continues on its path towards launch as Bluetooth certification arrives

Check out the newest piece of Galaxy A9 evidence, revealing Samsung’s work on a pretty capable-looking mid-ranger.

Mid-range phablets are in: Samsung Galaxy A9 coming soon with 6-inch screen

Contradicting earlier rumors, Zauba lists a number of 6-inch Samsung Galaxy A9 models making their way into India for testing and R&D actions.

Probable Samsung Galaxy A5 follow-up surfaces online with Full HD display

The mid-end Samsung Galaxy A5 will soon get a remarkable sequel, with Full HD screen resolution and octa-core Exynos power in tow.

‘Mid-range’ Samsung Galaxy A9 gets benchmarked with SD620 SoC, 3GB RAM

The Samsung Galaxy A9 is practically confirmed after a second preliminary benchmark visit, and though it’s not technically a flagship, it looks impressive.