Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8
Qualcomm’s in-display fingerprint sensors will provide extra functions in Samsung smartphones
Enter and find out about the new functions that are coming to Samsung smartphones thanks to Qualcomm’s in-display fingerprint sensors
Best Buy and B&H discreetly start selling Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018)
While B&H Photo Video makes it crystal clear its Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018) stock is “international”, Best Buy only lists the two new phones as compatible with US GSM carriers.
Mid-range Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018) go official with Infinity Displays
As expected, the Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018) are Samsung’s first non-flagship “Infinity Display” phones, also featuring dual front-facing cameras.
Samsung and LG have mid-range phones planned for CES 2018 announcements
Instead of a super-high-end Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7, CES 2018 attendees will likely get to see the Galaxy A8 (2018) and LG K10 (2018) unveiled in Vegas.
Hands-on video answers all your Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) questions
This is it, ladies and gents, the upper mid-range Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) manhandled on video, full spec sheet in tow.