Metro by T-Mobile’s Black Friday deals include free AirPods

Bring or buy an iPhone, port your number and sign onto an Unlimited LTE plan and you’re eligible for more than just AirPods.

T-Mobile discounts Galaxy A6 a la carte and with bundled plan

Users can get a discount on this new Samsung mid-ranger or they can get that with a discount on a bundled plan from the Un-carrier.

Boost Mobile picks up Galaxy A6

Prepaid customers have the disadvantage of having to pay all $350 of the Galaxy A6’s price tag at once, but there’s a lucky discount in it.

Galaxy A6 leads a quartet of Samsung mid-range slabs in the US

It’s a leading mid-ranger in Samsung’s lineup that has avoided the states until now. But it bears other new and new-ish gifts with its arrival.

Samsung Galaxy J6, J8, A6 and A6+ come to India with Infinity Displays for tight budgets

The oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy J6 is officially out in India at a starting price of around $205, with a higher-end J8 available for the rough equivalent of $280, and the A6 and A6+ priced slightly higher.

Get ready to ‘say hello’ to the Infinity Display Galaxy J6 on May 21 in India

The Galaxy J6, which will most likely be Samsung’s cheapest Infinity Display phone to date, is expected out at a Mumbai event in India early next week.

Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+ get reasonable official price tags for European markets

Formally unveiled earlier today, the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6 Plus are set to bring their “Infinity” screens to Europe very soon at €309 and €359 respectively.

Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+ marry Infinity Displays with ‘advanced’ cameras and (presumably) low prices

Although Samsung is yet to go on record with actual Galaxy A6 and A6+ price points, these should definitely be the company’s most affordable “Infinity Display” smartphones to date.

Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+ get leaked promo materials detailing their full spec sheets

The mid-range Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+ are as good as official, sporting 5.6 and 6-inch “Infinity Displays” with HD+ and Full HD+ resolution respectively.

Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+ show off S9-inspired ‘Infinity Display’ designs in greater detail

They’re definitely not as “Infinity” and eye-catching as the Galaxy S9 and S9+, but the upcoming Galaxy A6 and A6+ still look significantly better than the A5 (2017) and A7 (2017).

Mid-range Samsung Galaxy A6 rumored to come to India soon with dual front-facing cameras

We don’t have a price tag or release date yet, but the no doubt budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy A6 is expected out in India before long with a single rear camera and dual selfie shooters in tow.

New renders confirm Galaxy A6 and A6+ ‘Infinity Displays’, dual rear camera for larger variant

At least two new “Infinity Display” smartphones are in the pipeline, with the Galaxy A6 tipped to sport a 5.6-inch screen, and the A6+ expected to measure 6 inches in diagonal.

Galaxy A6+ first Samsung mid-ranger to have Infinity Display

And don’t get us started about the Galaxy A8 — if you paid that much for a “mid-ranger,” it’d drive you insane. So, how much will this Galaxy A6+ go for?