Galaxy A8 (2018) devices blueprinted in support manual

The Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ will have the same general hardware layout, but that layout will be fairly impressive for a high-end mid-ranger.

Galaxy A5, A7 may get reformatted to Galaxy A8, A8+ (2018)

The specs are the same as before, but the names may strike closer to the Galaxy S-series’ number. It’ll be interesting to see the spin on this.

Unreleased Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) and A5 (2018) show off striking designs again

Nothing’s certain until it’s certain, but the Galaxy A7 (2018) and A5 (2018) are very likely to be Samsung’s first “Infinity Display” mid-rangers.

Samsung puts up support page for would-be Galaxy A5 (2018)

Samsung Korea is getting ahead of the game as manufacturers are wont to do. But don’t underestimate snoopers’ interest in a mid-range phone.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) gains aspect ratio confirmation consistent with ‘Infinity Display’

It’s practically etched in stone now that the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) will sport an 18.5:9 screen, which suggests razor-thin bezels.

Mid-range Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) has 6GB RAM in pre-release benchmark

Samsung is gearing up to redefine the smartphone market’s mid-range standards again, with a Galaxy A7 (2018) seemingly packing 6GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) and Galaxy A7 (2018) show off their Infinity Displays in CAD-based renders

The “Infinity Displays” of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) and A7 (2018) look impressive for mid-rangers, albeit not as great as the S8 or Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) looks to be first mid-range Infinity Display phone

After the LG Q6, the impending Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) could also offer a display with razor-thin bezels at an affordable price.

Is there a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) already in testing?

The mid-range series is already being teased months and months before it and a few other cohorts are to debut, at least by our count.