Entire mid-range Samsung Galaxy A (2016) smartphone family ‘confirmed’ for Nougat updates

Android Nougat updates are apparently not just headed for Galaxy S7, Note 5, S6 and Tab S2 models… eventually, but the full 2016 Galaxy A roster also.

Benchmark reveals respectable, slightly improved Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) specs

The 2017 edition of the mid-end Samsung Galaxy A3 is benchmarked, 4.7-inch display, 2GB RAM, 8MP front-facing camera and all.

Samsung Galaxy A phones receive 11 exclusive themes

Free stuff is all well and good. Changing up the look of your home screens is all well and good. Samsung is combing the two concepts for Galaxy A (2016) phone owners.

“Why?” asks voice-over for Samsung Galaxy A commercial

A rousing launch in China has us curious as to whether the…

European retailer reveals Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), A5 (2016) release date

In Netherlands, as well as presumably other European markets, the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) and A5 (2016) are slated to ship to early buyers on January 8.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016), A5 (2016), and A3 (2016) are finally unveiled

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016), A5 (2016), and A3 (2016) are pretty spectacular for mid-range Android standards, with premium designs in tow.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 pics reveal some GS6-looking hardware

Are these our first pics of new Galaxy A3 2016 and Galaxy A5 2016 models, sporting a fresh exterior design?