LG G6 review

B&H has LG G6+ for 25 percent off at $599.99

Lacking a G7 coming soon, it’s a more powerful version of the LG G6 in the exact same size. And it’s costing less and less these days to get one.

You can get big discounts on several Amazon Prime Exclusive phones for Christmas

The Moto X4 leads the latest list of heavily discounted Amazon Prime Exclusive smartphones, alongside ad-supported LG X charge and Q6 variants.

The Pocketnow Black Friday 2017 deals watchlist

So many deals, so little time. But if it’s just a few clicks away anyways, you can take a little time to do a little research. We have it all in one place.

Get early Black Friday discounts on LG Q6, G6+ and Moto E4 Plus with Amazon Prime

Black Friday comes early this year for Amazon Prime subscribers, as ad-supported LG Q6, G6+ and Moto E4 Plus variants are already heavily discounted.

LG G6, G6+, Q6 and X charge join Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program

No less than four LG smartphones are sold with lockscreen offers and ads for Amazon Prime members starting today, including the G6 and G6+.

Blass leaves little doubt about LG V30+, says Quad DAC remains global

Actually wondering if the LG V30+ was going to be a real thing? Some say it might be as real as the LG G6+ is. Also, ESS Technology gets another job.

Both LG V30 and V30 Plus are coming to Berlin on August 31, Korea in mid-September

Just like the G6, the LG V30 will reportedly be released in regular and Plus variants. Unlike the G6 and G6+, these two should launch simultaneously.

You can cop an LG G6+ in the US on Amazon for $699

Just be aware that Band 2 LTE won’t be on-board and you’ll be okay to go in most situations. You get double the usual amount of storage anyways.

How the iPhone 8 ruined the Huawei P10 for memory freaks

Apple is throwing its weight around by commanding a lot of production capacity for memory chips, leaving the competition in jitters.

LG G6 officially gets ‘Plus’ version, facial recognition, other software add-ons and new colors

There’s an LG G6+ configuration around the corner, just as expected, as well as easy face unlocking for the standard model.
LG G6 review

LG G6 Plus and Pro out in Korea from June 27, V30 may have multiple memory configs

You should also find out what the LG V30 might have to share with the G6, G6 Pro and G6 Plus ― depending on your view, it might not be good news.

The Unnecessary LG phones and the Essential Phone | #PNWeekly 255

Two are said to come on the wings of the G6, one is told of olden days. That and we chat with SlashGear’s Chris Davies on Essential Products this show!

LG G6 Pro, G6 Plus may go global within the month

And believe it or not, the G6 Pro is actually the weaker of the two and costs less than the Plus. But why does LG feel the need for these devices?