Diminutive G6 confirmed to land July 11 as LG Q6 with ‘FullVision’ display, facial recognition
Almost certainly dubbed LG Q6 instead of G6 mini, the company’s second “FullVision” phone is just hours away from a formal announcement.
Geekbench says LG Q6 specs include Snapdragon 430
A 32-bit processor on a phone that would otherwise feature a near-flagship software experience, just in a smaller form. In 2017?
LG Q6 launch looks good for a go, at least in Poland, on July 11
And as it is summer in the country and LG is willingly and readily admitting that the letter “Q” is involved with it, why not a “BarbeQ” to celebrate?
Unsung Sony Xperia XZ Premium is unsung no more | #PNWeekly 259
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LG G6 review
LG G6 mini may be known as “Q6” with extra-wide screen
Would a 5.4-inch display at a 2:1 aspect ratio really be that much smaller than a 5.7-inch screen? We may soon find out about the LG Q6.
LG G6 mini looks to be even more compact than its big sibling
New intel claims that the screen on the G6 mini will retain the G6’s aspect ratio, but shrink by a third of an inch on the diagonal.