You can probably expect Oreo to roll out for the LG V20 in August in North America
One Canadian carrier “expects” to start the official Android 8.0 Oreo rollout for the LG V20 next month, which probably means others will do the same.
5G crisis, 10GB RAM, Huawei P20 potentials | #PNWeekly 290
On this week’s show: the Trump administration plays with nationalizing private-sector infrastructure, the spec wars continue on in China and Huawei prepares for launch.
No class action settlement for LG bootloop litigation after all, extended warranty available instead
It appears not all US-based owners of LG G4, G5, V10, V20 and Nexus 5X phones plagued by the bootloop defect will be compensated for their sorrow after all.
LG G6 review
‘Weaker than expected’ LG G6 had a ‘challenging’ quarter, but the company still made a little money
As attractive as we found it, the LG G6 simply didn’t sell well during Q2 2017. But the company’s home appliances and TVs were profitable enough.
LG G6 review
Unlocked LG G6 and G5 prices continue their steep drop on eBay: now just $400 and $200
The LG G6 used to cost over $600 alone just a couple of months back, with six Benjamins now getting you both the G6 and G5 brand-new and unused.
LG G6 review
LG predicts shrinking overall Q2 profits, high G6 marketing costs likely to cause massive division loss
Instead of helping LG’s smartphone division finally yield a quarterly profit, the G6 contributed to bigger losses and lower overall earnings.
Unlocked LG G6, V20 and G5 hit new all-time low prices on eBay: $420, $370 and $230
If you’re into high-end LG phones, any high-end LG phone, eBay is the place to find the best deals right now. A $420 GSM unlocked LG G6, for instance.
Fresh LG G5 and V20 deals may make you forget about the impending V30
Who needs a hot new G6 or looming V30 when the not-so-bad LG G5 costs $259 and the more than respectable V20 goes for $400 again?
LG V30 leaks show one potential vision with a Priv-ish Second Screen
Evan Blass has a few good looks at one try on the LG V30. It includes a Second Screen that is offset from the main body and can extend from it.
Android 7.0 Nougat continues sluggish US expansion, reaching unlocked LG G5 and AT&T HTC One M9
Timely Nougat updates for unlocked LG G5 and AT&T-specific HTC One M9 versions? That ship has sailed a long time ago, but better late than never, right?
Best factory unlocked LG G5 deal to date brings phone’s price all the way down to $270
The modular LG G5 has become an increasingly tough sell in recent months, but at $270 unlocked and “catch”-free, it’s likely still worth a shot.
lg g5
LG was this close to making money on smartphones in Q1 2017, posting great overall profits
LG’s full Q1 2017 financial report is uncharacteristically solid, thanks to prosperous home appliance and entertainment products, and not-so-weak phones.
Best Buy outdoes itself, now charging $5 a month ($120 total) for Sprint LG G5
How much do you dislike the “experimental” LG G5? Surely, not so much that you’re willing to turn down the chance of buying it at $120 all in all.
LG Mobile president talks G6 price, mass appeal and its logo
The phone will sell for the equivalent of $800 in Korea, the highest LG has has priced a G-series device. Will its charm offensive work on the audience?
Meet the all new LG G6! (Video)
That screen! Those bezels! The Snapdragon 821 SoC! The non-removable battery! The LG G6 feels like a mixed bag on paper, but in the flesh, it looks great.
Best Buy takes LG G5 discounts to a whole new level with $240 Sprint bargain (and more)
No, the LG G5 isn’t a perfect phone, especially a year in, but at $240 all in all, it might be impossible to resist on the very eve of G6’s announcement.
LG G6 yet again teased with waterproof design, fingerprint scanner, and yes, full-metal body
The LG G6 construction is not what it looks like in certain leaked imagery, combining metal with more metal rather than glass.
LG G6: What’s Your Wishlist for LG’s Next Smartphone? (Video)
It’s time to round up all that we know, we don’t know, what we hope for, and what we’re a little nervous about in anticipation of the LG G6 announcement.
Another LG G6 key feature officially revealed: an even better Quad DAC than that of the V20
Audiophiles, rejoice – it sounds like the LG G6 will be tailor-made to your most hidden desires, with a new Quad DAC from ESS.
Playing it safe all the way? LG G6 candidate benchmarked with Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM
We can’t be sure this is the LG G6, although it certainly fits the description, sadly packing a previous-gen Qualcomm SoC and 4 gigs of memory.
Sprint 3CA service spreads to iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, LG V20
Faster download and upload speeds that launched with the HTC Bolt have spread to six other devices and another six are on the way.
‘Weak’ LG G5 blamed for yet another even more disappointing company quarter
LG is quick to single out the very weak-selling G5 as the culprit of the company’s big overall Q4 financial losses, but that’s not entirely fair.
LG G6 reportedly confirmed for MWC debut next month, March 10 commercial launch rumored
To make sure it beats the Galaxy S8 to the punch, the LG G6 will definitely go official at MWC next month, likely kicking off domestic sales in early March.
LG G6 officially confirmed to scrap modular design, launching ‘in the very near future’
That oft-rumored Friend-less LG G6 is indeed coming in the “very near future” with a simpler, less risky, non-modular design.
2016’s biggest tech winners and losers
2016 was certainly a tumultuous year for many tech companies, but these are the industry’s five biggest winners and five biggest losers in our opinion.