New LG G3 Beat/S/Mini photos emerge from China

See how the newest LG G3 Beat pics compare to the just-released G3 S manual, and why this all looks like it’s the same hardware.

Alleged user manual for LG G3 S leaked

An LG G3 S user manual has leaked, and from what this document tells us, it’s looking really likely that this is the rumored “G3 Mini” / “G3 Beat.”

LG five-inch “G3 Beat” can’t really be the G3 Mini… can it?

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LG G Vista for Verizon sure looks a lot like G3 in leaked pic

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LG G3 Mini looking to be smaller than G2 Mini

Some LG G3 Mini specs may have just been uncovered, and they point at a phone that finally takes its “mini” name to heart.

LG G3 Mini already looking to make up for disappointing G2 Mini?

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