Motorola confirms: No Android Wear 2.0 update for first-gen Moto 360

Almost two years in, the Moto 360 original gangsta is officially retired in terms of software support, with Android Wear 2.0 just a distant, utopian dream.
apple watch bands

Bands for Apple Watch may be its killer feature

All wristwatches have to have a band to fasten them to your arm, so why not make use of the band? Apple Watch bands may be its killer feature!

LG explains what’s going on with Android Wear updates and WiFi support

LG explains why it’s going to take a little while longer before G Watch R Android Wear WiFi support arrives.
Apple Watch, Android

The Apple Watch retail launch is the best thing yet to happen to Android Wear

The retail release of the Apple Watch is probably the best thing that has happened to smart watches running Android Wear. Here’s why.

Here’s what Android Wear needs to learn from Apple Watch

Apple Watch versus Android Wear: Which is better and what can one learn from the other? Let’s dive into what each does well, and where both need to improve.

Most exciting things of 2014

Looking back, we’re trying to find the 2014 winners in mobile technology. If you disagree with our editors, name your 2014 winners in the comments.
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Android Wear Lollipop update: a guided tour (Video)

True to its word, Google is rapidly adding features and capabilities to its smartwatch platform. Join us for a hands-on video tour of Android Wear Lollipop!

Pocketnow Black Friday deal roundup: smartphones, tablets, wearables galore

It’s time for our Black Friday 2014 deals roundup! Read up and learn about all the money you’re about to spend this holiday weekend.
Moto 360

Android 4.4W.2 update starts rolling out to Moto 360 and more, brings many enhancements

The Android 4.4W.2 update has been officially released – if you have a Motorola or LG watch, now would be a good time to look for all the new features.
Android Lollipop for smartwatches

What will Android 5.0 Lollipop do for Android Wear?

Based on what we know so far, what features and benefits could it bring to Android Lollipop smartwatches?
Moto 360

Here’s why I bought the Moto 360, finally

Some people are crying foul, others say that it’s about time. Regardless of which camp you’re in, here’s why I took the leap and bought the Moto 360.
moto 360

Why I haven’t bought the Moto 360 – yet

The Moto 360 came out two months after the first two Android Wear smartwatches hit the market. So why haven’t I bought one yet? My reasons may surprise you!
apple watch

This is what the Apple Watch can learn from Android Wear

Apple Watch has an advantage over smartwatches powered by Android Wear: it can learn from Google’s mistakes.

Here’s what Android Wear OEMs and Pebble can learn from the Apple Watch

Last week, we finally saw the wearable Apple has been working so tirelessly on. Here’s what Android Wear OEMs and Pebble can learn from the Apple Watch.
android wear still needs work

Android Wear two months later: what still needs work

It’s off to a great start but it is still is in its infancy. Here are a few things that Google & its partners need to work on to help Android Wear take off.

Best Buy slashes G Watch pricing to just $179 ahead of IFA

Just before IFA 2014 – where the LG G Watch R will be seen for the first time – an LG G Watch Deal through Best Buy has discounted the watch to just $179.
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With watches like Android Wear, who needs Samsung’s wearables?

Samsung is split between Android Wear and its own Tizen operating systems. With Google’s wearable OS pushing forward, who needs Samsung’s Tizen?

LG to launch a round Android Wear watch at IFA

If an official LG promo video is telling the truth, then some exciting Moto 360 competition will be coming at IFA: a round LG G Watch is expected to debut.

LG G Watch 2 nearly ready to launch – and so soon?

If the latest rumors are to be believed, we could be getting a second LG smartwatch this year, with the LG G Watch 2 launching next month at IFA 2014.

What makes a smartwatch a smartwatch? (Poll)

The inclusion of a barometer, altimeter, compass, calculator, address book, GPS receiver, Bluetooth, touch screen, or something else? What is a smartwatch?

Round is the new square: why circular smartwatches captivate us so

Most smartphones and even the current generation of smartwatches are rectangular. Why then do circular smartwatches captivate us? Why do we yearn for round?

Smartphone/watch giveaway: win both a Nexus 5 and the Android Wear model of your choice

Learn how to enter the Nexus 5 Android Wear giveaway from Tab Dump and Pocketnow, with the winner getting both a Nexus 5 and an Android Wear smartwatch.

LG fixing G Watch corrosion problem through software update

Hear about the weird G Watch corrosion issue that’s been affecting LG’s smartwatch, and how the company is fixing it.
iWatch Concept

How can Apple capitalize on Google’s Android Wear fumble?

Google seemingly dropped the ball with the Android Wear launch. Read how Apple can use this opportunity to make the iWatch beat Android Wear.

Android Wear review: not as smart as it needs to be

The world’s two newest smartwatches have a lot going for them, but Google took ’em out of the oven a little too early. Join us for our Android Wear review!