Fuchsia OS finally available for the 3-year old Nest Hub
The Fuchsia OS update for the Nest Hub will roll out over the coming months. It is starting to be made available for those in the Preview Program.
Fuchsia OS might take Android’s place 5 years from now [UPDATE]
What does Google want to achieve with the arrival of Fuchsia OS five years from now? Nothing publicly, as it is denying any such plans.
So far, Fuchsia OS looks good on a Pixelbook
More things work on it than we’d thought, but it’s still a very broken experience. And yet, there’s progress and a clear idea of what Fuchsia wants to be.
Google’s Fuchsia OS sets sights on Pixelbook and other devices
Testing has begun on all sorts of hardware including the Chrome OS-running Pixelbook. Ways to install Fuchsia have been found.