Fuchsia OS might take Android’s place 5 years from now [UPDATE]
What does Google want to achieve with the arrival of Fuchsia OS five years from now? Nothing publicly, as it is denying any such plans.
Google I/O 2018 confirmed for May 8 – 10 dates in Mountain View
We don’t know if Pineapple Cake is the official name of the next Android flavor, but we may find out at Google I/O 2018 between May 8 and 10.
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So far, Fuchsia OS looks good on a Pixelbook
More things work on it than we’d thought, but it’s still a very broken experience. And yet, there’s progress and a clear idea of what Fuchsia wants to be.
Google’s Fuchsia OS sets sights on Pixelbook and other devices
Testing has begun on all sorts of hardware including the Chrome OS-running Pixelbook. Ways to install Fuchsia have been found.
Google working on Swift, support branch found with mysterious Fuchsia OS
The mysterious OS project that many believe will replace Android is getting a new logic limb. And the thing is, Swift’s growing big at Google.
Google waffles on Fuchsia replacing Android
Since Google plots a lot of software in the open, what is supposedly a small OS project, Fuchsia, has been in speculation to replace Android in the future.
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Tablet multitasking is the highlight of first peeks at Google Fuchsia OS
A video shows off what Google might do if and when it replaces Android with a revised mobile operating system. There are pictures, too.
Google “Fuchsia” repository has us wondering about a new OS
Very little is known about what “Fuchsia” might hold for those working with Google’s current operating systems, but the code may be there for a culmination.