Facebook may not integrate WhatsApp and Instagram because of the FTC

It seems that Facebook may soon start its WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger integration, but the Federal Trade Commission may want to think otherwise

Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G confirmed, AirPods 3 in 2019 & more (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the confirmation of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G variant thanks to Verizon’s CEO, new AirPods 3, and more.

Apple vs Qualcomm battle just got more interesting thanks to the ITC

The ITC is split in its decision in the Apple vs Qualcomm case. On Tuesday, the Commission sided with both Apple and Qualcomm.

In Qualcomm anti-trust battles, Korean FTC could be its ticking time bomb

As part of antitrust mitigation measures it’s obligated to fulfill, Qulacomm has to renegotiate a bunch of patent licensing deals. It hasn’t happened.

Facebook confirms it’s in talks with the FTC, sources say over privacy settlement

The FTC has been determining if Facebook broke its promises to beef up privacy protections for its users in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Apple admits Qualcomm was the only real 4G choice in 2012

The FTC’s lawsuit against the chipmaker took a hit when Apple admitted that Qualcomm’s merits in LTE technology led to its modems being in iPhones.

Huawei and Lenovo are the star witnesses in the Qualcomm trial

As the trial between the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Qualcomm begins, two Chinese companies are the star witnesses.

AT&T wants to settle with FTC over throttling on legacy unlimited data plans

The Federal Trade Commission accused AT&T of giving no due notice for throttling the speeds of customers on older unlimited data plans.

Asus, HTC and Microsoft were warned by the FTC last month for illegal warranty stipulations

The Federal Trade Commission made it easy to learn Nintendo, Sony and Hyundai were accused of illegal warranty practices, and slightly more difficult to add Asus, HTC and Microsoft to that list.

Qualcomm extending lower licensing rates to appease regulators and OEMs

The San Diego-based semiconductors company is conceding some ground to smartphone manufacturers by offering a patents package at a lower price. But it doesn’t mean that flagship phones will cost less soon.

BLU Products reaches settlement with FTC after putting users’ personal data at risk for years

Even though BLU failed to protect the privacy and security of its users’ personal information for a pretty long time, also lying about the company’s practices, the FTC is not imposing a financial penalty on the smartphone vendor yet.

FTC asks six ‘major’ mobile, gaming and auto companies to revise their warranty policies

It’s against the law to void an automobile, gaming system or mobile phone’s warranty for use of third-party components or “unauthorized” repairs, which Nintendo, Sony, Hyundai and three other “major” companies seem to be ignoring.

Child privacy advocates complain against YouTube Kids to the FTC

This isn’t the first time that YouTube Kids has been under pressure for its collection of data from its under-13 clientele.

FTC starts private investigation into Facebook privacy concerns

Among many of them is the fact that Facebook collected the metadata of Android users’ phone calls and text messages. The company says it was an opt-in procedure, but screenshots make the practice more vague than it seems.

CES 2018 will not be graced by FCC chairman Ajit Pai

After the net neutrality rules repeal vote, would Pai face the crowd that has been against him on that very issue for the sake of their livelihoods?

Apple late producing evidence in FTC v. Qualcomm case

The company claims that it really needs more time to bring in all the millions of documents the FTC needs in its case. It plans on appealing daily fines it is receiving.

Apple builds legal case against Qualcomm piece by piece, chipmaker on the defensive

The Apple vs Qualcomm legal war over “double-dipping, extra-reward” licensing systems in place for years is looking more and more serious by the day.

Qualcomm puts down FTC’s case to continue, amici filings

The Federal Trade Commission and many of Qualcomm’s customers want to take the chipmaker to task. Qualcomm’s response? ‘Defective’

Intel, Samsung back FTC in continuing Qualcomm antitrust suit

The two chipmakers have reinforced allegations that their market-leading rival has disengaged with the competition and left device-makers stranded.

FTC v. Qualcomm case scheduled for January 4, 2019

Qualcomm is accused of engaging its clients by coercing agreements that would make it difficult to do business with other chip providers.

Qualcomm wants FTC lawsuit dismissed

The chipmaker already has to deal with Apple. It has a good chance of waving the Federal Trade Commission off its tail with the Trump administration seated.

Qualcomm says it’s still working with Apple for iPhone chips

The semiconductor company is addressing multiple allegations made by Apple, the FTC and Korean regulators in its 1Q17 earnings call.

Qualcomm 1Q17 earnings disaffect investors

The company that makes essentially computer chips for all of our phones has a few costly legal thorns it will need to pluck.

Following FTC, Apple sues Qualcomm over antitrust investigation

Infinite Loop claims that the San Diego-based chipmaker withheld $1 billion in royalty payments in the midst of an investigation into licensure practices.

FTC suing Qualcomm for “anticompetitive” licensing practices

The Federal Trade Commission is alleging that the chipmaker essentially shook down its clients for using competitors’ products.