Facebook Messenger Kids lets children chat with pre-approved contacts in total safety

Facebook has a new children-friendly instant messaging app available as a preview on US iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches, aptly named Messenger Kids.

Netflix adds compatibility with Android’s Picture-in-Picture feature… for 8.1 Oreo only

In theory, Netflix now supports Android Oreo’s Picture-in-Picture functionality for enhanced mobile multitasking. In practice, you can’t use it yet.

Drooling over that iPhone X notch? These two apps let you easily add it to any Android device

Why would anyone want to voluntarily give up precious screen real estate on their Android devices? To spoof the iPhone X, of course.

Microsoft’s free Face Swap Android app sounds fun, practical and fairly ‘sophisticated’

You should reserve judgment until downloading it (for free) and taking it for a spin, but Microsoft’s Face Swap Android app looks interesting on paper.

Samsung’s free new SoundAssistant app comes with personalized audio settings for Galaxy phones

While not exactly a big leap forward for the Galaxy S8’s audio experience, Samsung SoundAssistant seems like it can be quite helpful at times.

Instagram app tailor-made for Windows 10 tablets beats iPad version to the punch

While iPad users still need to make do with an iPhone-designed Instagram app, Windows 10 tablets and PCs get their own version today.

Shazam Lite is even lighter than Facebook Messenger Lite, at ‘less than’ 1MB

No more storage or connectivity issues when dealing with Shazam Lite, the aptly titled watered-down Android version of the popular music ID app.