Pocketnow Daily: Apple is CHANGING their iPhone STRATEGY?! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of more than one iPhone launch starting 2021, Galaxy S10 Lite’s support page and more

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is already present on Samsung’s website

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is already present in Samsung’s french website, having its support page, maybe days or weeks ahead of launch

Amazon agrees to list iPhone, iPads, other Apple products

It already sells MacBooks and has made great strides to carry the Apple TV line. Now, more of Apple’s goods are on the way to Amazon.
Mate 20 Pro announced

Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro announced to raise the bar

The Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro announced today are raising the bar of Android smartphones with futuristic tech and awesome design.

OnePlus 6T will likely appear at company’s first store in Paris

The Chinese smartphone maker has officially announced plans to open its first retail store in France this fall, around the OnePlus 6T launch.
free Apple HomePod

iOS 11.4 featuring AirPlay 2 roll out today, HomePod spreads

tvOS will be able to route Apple TV sound output to compatible AirPlay 2 speakers, such as the HomePod. Speaking of, it’s going to be available in three more countries soon.

Xiaomi further ramps up European ambitions with France and Italy launches this month

Something big will go down for the world’s fourth largest smartphone vendor in France on May 22 and in Italy two days later. With a “new attitude”, Xiaomi wants to take over the world.

Essential Phone now shipping direct to Canada, Japan, Europe

Essential products purchased from the company’s website can now make it over to five more countries. Canada already had PH-1 carriage from Telus, but not unlocked.
Huawei P20 Pro review

3 weeks out, Huawei P20 Pro is the company’s hottest flagship in Western Europe

Sales of the P20 Pro have increased by more than threefold over the P10 Plus, showing a lot more appetite for a premium, triple-camera system on a smartphone.

Facebook Lite debuts in major markets from US to New Zealand

Lightweight apps are great for entry-level phones that can bare only the basics. Facebook Lite has been in more than 100 emerging countries, but it’s come to 8 developed ones.

Huawei P20 Pro name now seeping into marketing

Post-MWC, Huawei is turning up the heat for its next major smartphone launch. The name’s all official, but the “renaissance” has yet to begin.

MWC 2018 Extra: The OEMs you don’t hear about.. (Video)

Where do smaller players come into the fold at the industry’s largest annual trade show? We connect some of the dots in this bonus video!

Google Home Mini is donut-sized harbinger for Google Assistant upgrades

The $49 donut-sized smart speaker will be available from October 19 in the US and in six other regions as well. All for more AI in the house.

French OnePlus fans could get a special edition device

OnePlus has spruced up its machines with new colors before and has even teamed up with a French fashion outlet for a variation. What will it be this time?

Meizu PRO 7 teased for launch in France, Europe

France has seen the Meizu PRO 6 Plus sold for €550. With teasers lasting well past the event, how much will the PRO 7 or PRO 7 Plus go for in Euros?

A rare breed: Sony Xperia XZ Premium Dual has separate microSD slot

Dual SIM phones usually have a hybrid slot for a possible microSD card. Sony has been more progressive in giving more connectivity and memory options.

Good news after all for those wanting the Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 in Europe

Alcatel has finally confirmed plans that the Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 will come to France and other European countries through its Twitter page.

Mainland Europe getting Lenovo Phab 2 Pro at €499

The United Kingdom and other countries will have to bide their time just a bit, but at least five European nations now have the first Tango phone.

Samsung France giving away 128GB microSD cards, VR park tickets to make up for Note 7

In addition to a 128GB microSD card, those who don’t feel particularly scorned by the Note 7 recall procedure may get a VR park experience.

Qualcomm-Meizu legal spat continues in US, Germany, France

Complaint after complaint in China hasn’t gotten anywhere for Qualcomm in its patent licensure chase after Meizu. So, the fight goes out to other countries.

French Apple Store smashed by man who felt jilted on warranty

Apparently, the person wasn’t happy at Apple for not honoring a refund as he felt the company was compelled to under EU law.

Samsung officially rules out Galaxy Note 7 remote deactivation

The company cut through Reddit speculation about what it would do with French Galaxy Note 7 units and said it wouldn’t flip the “kill switch” on them.

Samsung said to deactivate Galaxy Note 7 screw-ups in France

Samsung may remotely deactivate all recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices in France. It may do the same in other select European countries.

Canada and Europe get Oculus Rift sales starting September 20

Amazon will be the common marketplace for Europe, but there are plenty of locales to get in-store treatments. In Canada, it’s Best Buy and Microsoft.

BlackBerry Priv gets global discount through August

If you’re not interested in the world’s “most secure Android smartphone,” BlackBerry is willing to part with its second-best for a discount.