Two foldable iPhone designs have allegedly passed internal durability tests
New rumors confirm that Apple is working on two foldable iPhone designs, which would’ve already cleared internal durability tests
apple ipad macbook assembly move to vietnam
Apple shifts a portion of iPad and MacBook assembly from China to Vietnam
Apple reportedly asked Foxconn for the move as part of its strategy to diversify production beyond China owing to the ongoing trade war.
Foxconn could open a new factory in Mexico for iPhone production
We could get a new Foxconn facility in Mexico, to focus on introducing iPhone manufacturing to the country
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Foxconn suggests that China could soon stop being the world’s factory
It seems that Apple’s supply chain supplier Foxconn is ready to move more of its iPhone production out of China
COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on Foxconn’s Q1 profits
Foxconn has recently presented its Q1 profits, showing the most significant plunge in the last two years, because of the current pandemic
Foxconn assures 5G iPhones still on track for fall 2020 launch
Foxconn, which is Apple’s key manufacturing partner, says a fall 2020 launch is still possible for the 5G iPhones if no further delays occur.
Foxconn ready for seasonal demand, as it has enough workers in factories
It seems that Foxconn has everything ready to deal with demand and produce the new iPhones that could be launched in fall by Apple
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Foxconn resumes production, but slow iPhone sales are expected
It seems that Chinese people are getting over the coronavirus outbreak, and now Foxconn factories are starting to produce Apple products again
coronavirus iphone
Coronavirus in China to reportedly affect the iPhone
Apple’s iPhone and other Foxconn clients could be impacted if a factory halt will extend into a second week due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak.
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iPhone XR
iPhones made in India to hit shelves next month, sources claim
iPhones assembled in India, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xr, made at Foxconn’s local assembly plant, could hit the shelves soon.
Foxconn can manufacture all U.S.-bound iPhones outside of China if needed
A Foxconn executive reaffirmed that if needed and requested by Apple, it can move its iPhone production outside of China.
Huawei P30 Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei denies smartphone production shutdown rumors
Huawei went public and denied last week’s rumors according to which Foxconn has shut down some of the Huawei smartphone production lines.
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Foxconn issues rare statement over orders
Foxconn, one of the ODMs for Apple, has released a rare statement regarding orders. The statement didn’t name orders or clients, but Apple comes to mind.
OnePlus 7 render
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Microsoft sues Foxconn over unpaid patent royalties
Microsoft is suing Foxconn over what it claims are unpaid patent royalties. Foxconn’s top executive said the company will not be affected.
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After meeting with President Trump, Foxconn’s Wisconsin factory is a go
Amid back and forth over the past couple of days, Foxconn announced, after meeting with President Trump, that it will build a factory in the U.S. after all.
Apple may be considering to move iPhone flagship production to India
India may be a great option for Apple and its iPhone production to avoid Trump´s possible tariffs and other political issues in China
Apple predicts dire consequences settling with Qualcomm over China iPhone ban
Apple is scrambling to update iPhones in China to avoid utilizing Qualcomm patents, but wants to fight off settlement and avoid “unrecoverable losses.”
Supply chain deflated as Apple slows iPhone XR orders
The iPhone XR is not doing as well as investors have led us to think, at least for the current moment. It’s especially hurting suppliers right now.
Smartphones made in Taiwan saw shipments increase 16%
Taiwan smartphone shipments from brand manufacturers and ODMs have increased by 16 percent in the second quarter of 2018.