“Frost” makes Facebook almost tolerable
The Facebook app on Android is not very well-designed and kind of bloated. There are a lot of ethical reasons to avoid it too. Frost for Facebook is a web wrapper that actually brings some excellent features to Facebook on Android.
The Privacy Friendly Librem 5 is now shipping (for cool people)
If you’re getting concerned about how much of your privacy is sucked up and used by the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., you probably should be. The Librem 5 smartphone aims to give control back to the user.
The Librem 5’s hardware specs & pre-orders
The highly anticipated FOSS-friendly Librem 5 smartphone now has its specs finalized and the pre-order discount is ending soon.
Sailfish phone
Smartphone alternatives to Google and Apple
The internet is a bit upset about the latest news that many U.S. tech companies are being forced to stop doing business with Huawei. Here’s a list of some smartphone operating systems, hardware, and other projects that might be good alternatives to the Google and Apple duopoly in the Smartphone business.