Supply chain reportedly targets for 100 million iPhone 7 shipments

Taiwanese manufacturing sources say that Apple has increased its component orders from 80-85 million units. The number still is overshadowed by the 6s.

LG G5 Q2 shipments likely stand at 2.5 million, yearly total may barely exceed 5M

10 million units by year-end? In LG’s dreams! At best, the LG G5 could move 5.5 million copies in 2016, after a 2.5M Q2 total.

HTC 10 tipped to sell a million units this year, as OEM production will slide even further

Reviewers may like it, and its makers certainly expected a lot from it, but ultimately, the HTC 10 doesn’t appear to have what it takes for a sales hit.

Android phones predicted to outperform overall market in 2016, as iOS hits slump

While overall smartphone shipments are expected to grow 3.1 percent in 2016 compared to last year, Android should be able to boost its numbers by 6 percent.

Tim Cook claims Apple just had an ‘incredible quarter’, teases ‘great’ iPhone innovation

Regardless of analyst projections and investor concerns, Apple CEO Tim Cook continues to believe in his company’s short and long-term financial health.