Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will likely include some sort of advanced Force Touch technology

Made (moderately) popular by Apple, Force Touch or 3D Touch technology is reportedly headed to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in some shape or form.

Behind the scenes at MWC, Samsung was playing with new OLED technology for phones

There were no foldable phones in sight at Mobile World Congress, but a select group did get to see 1,500 ppi VR headsets and unpolarized displays.

Samsung pretty much (re)confirms Bixby name, Galaxy S8 also expected to ‘partly’ use 3D Touch tech

You know the virtual home button on the upcoming Galaxy S8? It should detect different levels of pressure, rumor has it. And yes, Bixby is almost here too.

Limited edition ZTE Axon 7 with 6GB RAM and Force Touch arrives stateside at $500

It took a little longer than expected, but that super-premium 6GB RAM ZTE Axon 7 configuration is now available on US shores.

Samsung Galaxy S8 now predictably rumored to sport ‘force touch’ display

The looming Samsung Galaxy S8 could integrate everything but the kitchen sink to make up for the Note 7, pressure sensitive tech included.

Press, pan and twist: university researchers extend Android Wear interaction methods

Smartwatches may be convenient to get off the phone for a bit, but with only a touch and swipe interface, it can be kind of a crap chute sometimes.

Analysts foresee another subtle iPhone 7 design change: ‘Force Touch home button’

Force Touch magic might be extended to the redesigned, subtler, non-clickable home button of the iPhone 7, according to both tipsters and analysts.

Xiaomi Mi 5s may tack on Sense ID ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 may get side curves and dual cameras on the back while a Xiaomi notebook could be on the horizon. Rumors, rumors.

ForcePhone software could make any phone pressure-sensitive sans sensors or special screens

Google and its hardware-making partners haven’t been able to find an answer to Apple’s 3D Touch tech just yet, but here comes the ForcePhone concept.

Until we meet again: Launcher Shortcuts stays off Android

The feature that was supposed to bring Force Touch to the home screen for Android devices and compete against Apple’s 3D Touch is not to be for now.

Launcher Shortcuts not on Android N from launch, say sources

Android’s own implementation of 3D Touch will need a bit more cooking. Sources say that it won’t be a feature at the launch of Android N.

mNectar avails Force Touch advertisements to game developers

We love to hate ads, but we gotta get through them in life. What if games advertised gameplay to you by getting you to play a little bit of them?

Android N Developer Preview feels the pressure with Launcher Shortcuts

It’s not just about the knock you give an iPhone with 3D Touch, it’s about what you can do afterwards. So it may go for Android N with Launcher Shortcuts.

Meizu PRO 6 prototype leaked with possible Force Touch support

Someone got a crack into one of Meizu’s future flagships while the chief designer of the company’s UI has spoiled some possible Force Touch features.

The three best smartphone features (that haven’t taken off)

The best smartphone features of 2016 are the ones you’re not using – and in some cases, you’re better off.

Apple patents a way to bring Force Touch to keyboards

Learn more about a new patent that Apple just filed, which envisions bringing some Force Touch sensors into Mac keyboard in the future

A real iPhone weighing scale app, Gravity, is rejected

The Huawei Mate S was the first device that prominently featured Force…

Samsung patent reveals work towards pressure-sensitive smartphone input

Will this Samsung pressure-sensitive touch patent lead to its own version of 3D Touch surfacing for the Galaxy S7?

Apple shows off 3D Touch in select stores with neat touch-controlled table

There’s a neat new Apple 3D Touch table landing in select Apple stores, helping show shoppers what 3D Touch can do.

3D Touch will still work with a screen cover

So, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is just about ready…

3D Touch is what the long press should have been all along

It’s going to happen, again and again. It has to happen. Today,…
Force Touch

Force Touch? Android has had that for years

Force Touch, which Apple is touting on its Apple Watch and is rumored for the new iPhone 6, is something that’s not exclusive to Apple.

iPhone 6s apparently larger than its predecessor in all dimensions

Learn more about the recent measurements taken to a chassis of the iPhone 6s, as it seems that Apple will increase dimensions everywhere