Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold follow-up may come within next year

Two concepts are coming into focus for Samsung’s future product pipeline: a vertical folding phone and an outward folding phone.

Huawei Mate X is “world’s fastest foldable 5G phone”

The Chinese telecom giant is prodding Samsung and its Galaxy Fold with this new device that folds flat. But the Huawei Mate X doesn’t lie flat.

$2,000 Galaxy Fold looks to be only available through AT&T and T-Mobile

These two carriers have typically gotten more phones to work on its network thanks to its GSM protocol, but this is an odd exclusive: the Galaxy Fold.

Here are the Samsung Galaxy Fold specs, shipping date… and price

The first mass-produced folding smartphone led off the Samsung Unpacked event with a big bang. And so did the pricing, too.

LG bets on 5G over foldables to grow smartphone sales

The company did think about producing a 5G foldable phone, but considers its appeal to be too limited for the growth that LG desperately needs.

TCL foldable device planned for 2020, concepts include smartwatch, phones

Renders show TCL is covering its bases when it comes to preparing for foldable technology with one concept being a smartphone that can fold around a wrist.

iQOO folding smartphone may have been leaked

Chinese smartphone manufacturer vivo has a new subsidiary, but we don’t know what it exactly stands for just yet. Could a foldable make a first impression?

Android announces support for foldable devices like Samsung’s

The Android team is working on how to make developing apps for two types of foldable phablets not a living nightmare. The future is coming.