Apple’s foldable iPhone prototype doesn’t look as hot as expected
Apple may be closer to presenting a new foldable iPhone, or at least it has created some prototypes that aren’t foldable at all
Would you buy a foldable iPhone if it looked like this? How much would you pay?
This concept imagines a foldable iPhone that looks pretty much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The concept is called iPhone 12 Flip, coincidentally.
UBS: Foldable iPad to arrive before foldable iPhone in 2020/2021
According to investment bank UBS, a foldable iPhone is still on track for 2020, or 2021, but a foldable iPad might be the first Apple foldable.
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Apple granted patent for foldable iDevice, could double fold
Apple was granted a patent describing a foldable iDevice which, according to the drawings, could double fold into a closed state.
foldable iPhone
This is what the Apple foldable iPhone could look like
Check out this Apple foldable iPhone concept video and let us know if this is something you’d like to see from the manufacturer.
Concept shows how the foldable iPhone might look
These concept renders are meant to illustrate how a foldable iPhone might look like, according to the recently uncovered Apple patent filing.
Is Apple already working on a foldable iPhone?
A foldable iPhone might still be very far out, if at all, but a recent patent filing that was uncovered details Apple’s foldable efforts.
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iPhones could get ‘touchless control’ and drastic curves in ‘as little as two to three years’
Apple reportedly sees the iPhones of the (distant) future as curved “gradually from top to bottom”, while supporting various non-touch gesture controls.
Apple’s first foldable iPhone might be just a couple of years away
A foldable iPhone that “could potentially double up as a tablet” is currently eyed for a 2020 launch, according to reputable Bank of America analysts.
Apple reportedly picks LG, not Samsung, as exclusive display supplier for foldable iPhone
It’s definitely way too early to have any sort of guarantee regarding Apple’s 2019 or 2020 iDevices, but a foldable iPhone could be on the horizon.