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This is what a future Samsung Galaxy Note may look like
We get some patents that make us believe that Samsung may want to turn a future Samsung Galaxy Note into a foldable device
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Xiaomi Mi Fold
Patents reveal, a new Xiaomi foldable phone with four cameras
We get more patents of Xiaomi foldable phones that could come with up to four cameras and another device with a clamshell design
We have some official looking images of the Motorola Razr
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€2,299 foldable Huawei Mate X may head to India
A Huawei marketing executive left the possibility vague and open, but the Mate X would cost the equivalent of 19 months of average Indian income.
Samsung Galaxy S10 rumor roundup: what to expect from all these phones [U]
There are three main Galaxy S10 variants, then there’s the 5G version (or two), and then a completely unrelated foldable phone! Let’s unpack the details.
Foldable Motorola RAZR will have a little piece of the Royole FlexPai in it
If tech companies want to make smartphones that can flex and bend, they can’t be using brittle glass to front their displays.
The folding Moto RAZR talks like a Galaxy F. Will it walk like one?
Is Motorola really serious when it talks about a $1,500 foldable phone that looks like an unsteady prop for its old and abused RAZR legacy? We think so.
Apple rots | #PNWeekly 339
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foldable phones
Xiaomi foldable phone leak exhibits clever trick for curved display edges
It certainly looks like a Xiaomi foldable phone in testing, but we’ll never really know until we see a real-life product.
LG camera
LG G8 will be separate from 5G phone, have droplet notch and 3D-sensing camera
The folding phone, an entirely different device, will be late to arrive as well. And the early part of the year will see a mid-ranger take hold.
Microsoft’s “Centaurus” project aims to take on Lenovo’s Yoga Book format
While an Andromeda folding phone might seem like the perfect thing for Microsoft in 2019, it may trial a dual-screen notebook first.
Fold me, ‘splode me, iPhone and Galaxy | #PNWeekly 332
The Galaxy F gets a few new views while an iPhone X explodes after a software update. Also on our show, why you should buy a Mac Mini and iPad Pro together.
LG Display Apple
LG foldable smartphone tipped for CES 2019
Evan Blass reports that CES could punctuate its CES 2019 keynote event with a bombshell of a product launch. And LG won’t deny it.
Richard Yu on Huawei foldable smartphone, as company mocks Apple
Huawei CEO Richard Yu sat down for an interview and talked about the future of the company as well as the Huawei foldable smartphone.
LG filed more foldable patents than Samsung
The number of foldable patents filed exploded with manufacturers trying to find a way to overcome industry hardware limitations for smartphones.
Samsung foldable smartphone
Samsung and Huawei to release the first folding smartphone
Samsung and Huawei are racing to see which of the two companies gives us the first foldable display smartphone.
Foldable smartphones
Samsung Galaxy F sounds logical for a new folding smartphone
Samsung may be considering a new name for its new foldable device, the Samsung Galaxy F, that may come with a pretty large price tag
Can the “Unbreakable Panel” keep Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens safe?
For the longest time, smartphone makers have used glass to protect the underlying display from damage. Could plastic be the future?
LG foldable phone has a funky two-stop hinge system
Patent art on a recently published foldable phone concept from LG shows a hinge system with pen tip-like skaters and positioning chambers.
Foldable smartphones
Foldable Samsung phone could pack big curved battery, screen production starting soon
In addition to a flexible screen expected to start “pilot” production this summer, that mythical first foldable Samsung phone could also use a curved cell.
Microsoft internal email describes Andromeda as “pocketable” Surface PC
It’s convertible, foldable and could come with a stylus. It could also be canceled at any moment. But Microsoft could “blur” the lines of computing again.