With update, unlocked Galaxy S9 in US also gets FM radio

The National Association of Broadcasters and NextRadio mentioned that unlocked units failed to include the proper API three months ago.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Samsung to turn on unlocked Galaxy S9 FM chip in US

Industry and regulators in the US consider free-to-air, non-streaming radio on smartphones to be a vital fallback when data networks fail.

NextRadio says Samsung will unlock FM radio chips on upcoming smartphones in the US

FM radio should become a standard feature for Samsung smartphones in the US and Canada again before long, at least according to NextRadio.

FCC wants Apple to activate impossible FM radio on iPhone 8

But Apple says that the iPhones don’t have that chip and there’s no FM radio to be had. Still, Ajit Pai will ask for his cake.
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LG joins FM radio movement with NextRadio partnership for ‘a number’ of smartphones

A host of unnamed LG smartphones in North and Latin America will soon come pre-loaded with the NextRadio app for free, unrestricted FM radio access.

T-Mobile throws its weight behind movement to bring FM radio to phones

Joining AT&T, T-Mobile has also voiced its support for the effort to activate smartphone FM radio reception.

AT&T to direct OEMs to activate smartphone FM reception

Want free, streaming music on your phone? FM’s the easiest way to get just that, and AT&T could soon require smartphone FM reception for the phones it sells

Smartphone makers face pressure to enable FM reception

Can you get smartphone FM reception with your phone? The NAB is trying to make sure you can.