Samsung W2019

Samsung W2019 official with 6GB of RAM and an insane price tag

The Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone is officially official, and, aside from being a neat flip-phone, it’s a super expensive powerhouse.

Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone coming November 9

This year’s flagship fliphone, the Samsung W2019, should be introduced officially at an event on November 9, as invites go out.
Samsung W2019

Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone leaked in these images

The Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone that’s expected to launch soon has been leaked in these real-life images. Check them out!

Samsung W2019 flip-phone could be just around the corner

The upcoming Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone could be nearing its announcement as the company published its support page.
Samsung W2019

Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone gets certified

The upcoming Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone has just passed by TENAA and received its certification. Announcement likely happening soon.

W2019 flagship Samsung flip-phone nearing announcement

This year’s W2019 Samsung flip-phone is nearing its introduction and we expect flagship internals, and a huge price tag attached.

Samsung flip phone W2019 said to get dual cameras

The question is not whether or not it should happen: the ‘W’ flip phone series costs $2,000 and has two displays and a flagship Snapdragon chip.

Samsung W2018 flip phone has a camera that’s not like any other in mobile tech

It can adjust its aperture between an extremely buttery f/1.5 to a somewhat more reasonable f/2.4. It’s also supposed to be as pricey as all get out.

Kyocera DuraXV LTE is a rugged flip phone on Verizon… for $264

And that’s because it is basically a basic Android-powered flip phone with all the specs needed in that device. There is no touchscreen, but it’s durable.

W2018 it is not, but the Leadership 8 is another powerful Samsung flip phone for China

It’s certainly leading from behind with flagship specifications from late last year. Still, it’s powerful stuff for a flip phone with two full HD screens.

The Samsung W2018 will be a $2,000 flip phone — and that’s cheaper than last year!

Full Android, top-end Qualcomm silicon, a flip phone. Samsung likes to play around with its wares in its Chinese sandbox.

Cingular Flip 2 is AT&T’s Alcatel Go Flip

It’s another new flip phone in 2017, but this time, the throwback is two-fold. AT&T has once again brought the Cingular brand out for a device.

The First Camera-Phone, Ever | #PNWeekly 257

One of its creators, Philippe Kahn, retells the story of how it came to be and gives his sentiments on today’s mobile photography etiquette.

LG makes an LTE flip phone for Verizon, holds the CDMA

Verizon’s officially quitting its legacy CDMA network. How can we tell? The LG Exalt LTE is a flip phone. And yes, it supports VoLTE.

Cingular Flip Phone Review: Can You Go Back to a ‘Dumb’ Phone? (Video)

When’s the last time you saw a “dumb” phone reviewed? Here’s what we think about AT&T’s Cingular Flip Phone after taking it for a nostalgic spin.

Hot Takes on the Huawei Mate 9 and more… after dark | #PNWeekly 225

Huawei shoots for a dual-camera phone with machine learning and a fitness tracker while Windows may be on the rebound. We talk… with alcohol.

Samsung W2017 flip phone is official in China

If you want a flip phone with a fingerprint sensor, wireless charging, a camera that can shoot 4K video and two full HD AMOLED screens… pay dearly.

ZTE Cymbal-T is the first major Android flip phone for the West

Does it have a Snapdragon 820? Nope. It is an entry-level phone that is meant to transfer older form factor users to something with modern software.

Another Galaxy Folder seemingly in the works

Do manufacturers still need to really try putting in a remixed flip phone for the modern age? Samsung may still find its need to, at least in China.

Samsung SM-W2017 flip phone gains 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 820, Marshmallow confirmation

The upcoming Samsung SM-W2017, Veyron or Galaxy Golden 4 is most likely a trendy Galaxy S7 trapped in an outdated clamshell phone’s body.

Rumored Galaxy Golden 4 to be next big Samsung flip phone

The phone, internally called the “Veyron,” is said to have a couple of high-resolution AMOLED panels, a high-end Exynos processor and small plans.

FREETEL US pre-orders begin with Kiwami and Priori 3

The Kiwami comes with a six-inch, quad HD display. It and the Priori 3 are both up for pre-orders and are 10 percent off for a limited time.

Gionee gets in on the flip phone nostalgia with dual-screen, high-end Android

A surprising Gionee flip phone with Android 5.1, 4GB RAM and fingerprint support has just gone official in China, where it will cost roughly $615.

Industry analysts say flip phones out, curved screens in

A little flipped off by this news? Well, it could just be rumor. But with the onus of attention coming to curved screens, we’d find it hard to dismiss.

Japanese upstart makes US move with the FREETEL Kiwami

Japanese upstart FREETEL comes from an underdog country in terms of mobile phone output. But it has CES 2016 ambitions with even an Android flip phone!