Samsung W2019
Samsung W2019 official with 6GB of RAM and an insane price tag
The Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone is officially official, and, aside from being a neat flip-phone, it’s a super expensive powerhouse.
Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone coming November 9
This year’s flagship fliphone, the Samsung W2019, should be introduced officially at an event on November 9, as invites go out.
Samsung W2019
Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone leaked in these images
The Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone that’s expected to launch soon has been leaked in these real-life images. Check them out!
Samsung W2019 flip-phone could be just around the corner
The upcoming Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone could be nearing its announcement as the company published its support page.
Samsung W2019
Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone gets certified
The upcoming Samsung W2019 flagship flip-phone has just passed by TENAA and received its certification. Announcement likely happening soon.
W2019 flagship Samsung flip-phone nearing announcement
This year’s W2019 Samsung flip-phone is nearing its introduction and we expect flagship internals, and a huge price tag attached.
Samsung W2018 flip phone has a camera that’s not like any other in mobile tech
It can adjust its aperture between an extremely buttery f/1.5 to a somewhat more reasonable f/2.4. It’s also supposed to be as pricey as all get out.
Kyocera DuraXV LTE is a rugged flip phone on Verizon… for $264
And that’s because it is basically a basic Android-powered flip phone with all the specs needed in that device. There is no touchscreen, but it’s durable.
W2018 it is not, but the Leadership 8 is another powerful Samsung flip phone for China
It’s certainly leading from behind with flagship specifications from late last year. Still, it’s powerful stuff for a flip phone with two full HD screens.
The Samsung W2018 will be a $2,000 flip phone — and that’s cheaper than last year!
Full Android, top-end Qualcomm silicon, a flip phone. Samsung likes to play around with its wares in its Chinese sandbox.
Cingular Flip 2 is AT&T’s Alcatel Go Flip
It’s another new flip phone in 2017, but this time, the throwback is two-fold. AT&T has once again brought the Cingular brand out for a device.
LG makes an LTE flip phone for Verizon, holds the CDMA
Verizon’s officially quitting its legacy CDMA network. How can we tell? The LG Exalt LTE is a flip phone. And yes, it supports VoLTE.
Cingular Flip Phone Review: Can You Go Back to a ‘Dumb’ Phone? (Video)
When’s the last time you saw a “dumb” phone reviewed? Here’s what we think about AT&T’s Cingular Flip Phone after taking it for a nostalgic spin.
ZTE Cymbal-T is the first major Android flip phone for the West
Does it have a Snapdragon 820? Nope. It is an entry-level phone that is meant to transfer older form factor users to something with modern software.
Samsung SM-W2017 flip phone gains 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 820, Marshmallow confirmation
The upcoming Samsung SM-W2017, Veyron or Galaxy Golden 4 is most likely a trendy Galaxy S7 trapped in an outdated clamshell phone’s body.
Rumored Galaxy Golden 4 to be next big Samsung flip phone
The phone, internally called the “Veyron,” is said to have a couple of high-resolution AMOLED panels, a high-end Exynos processor and small plans.
Gionee gets in on the flip phone nostalgia with dual-screen, high-end Android
A surprising Gionee flip phone with Android 5.1, 4GB RAM and fingerprint support has just gone official in China, where it will cost roughly $615.
Off-beat: Taiwanese artist turns trashed mobile phones into a car sculpture
When we talk about recycling our smartphones or thinking about the environment…
Would you rock a high-end Android flip phone?
Android flip phones aren’t exactly new. But what if there were a high-end option available? Would you try it. Read why we’re intrigued with the idea!
Samsung Hennessy W789 dual-screen flip-phone becomes official
The dual-screen Samsung Hennessy W789 flip-phone became official so make sure to check out everything you need to know!
Rotating Cameras Are Yesterday’s News, But They Shouldn’t Be
There’s a better way to do cameras on mobile phones. Read about how we solved this problem nearly ten years ago, then ignored all the lessons we learned.
The Best of the Past: Flip Phones
Most of us outside of Japan live in a world dominated by slab phones. Sure, they’re getting easier to tolerate as manufacturers like HTC and Nokia push the boundaries of hardware design. But they don’t have hinges for fun folder action, they don’t snap satisfyingly closed at the end of a frustrating call, and they don’t fit as well in a pocket.
I Really Miss Flip Phones
I like some of the more innovative takes on the slab form factor, especially the new designs and materials Motorola and HTC have been bringing to market, but there’s really only so many ways to spice up a rectangular box. I would lay out serious cash for a modern-day smartphone in the clamshell form factor.