Foldable smartphones are still not a thing, but Samsung is already working on stretchable OLED screens

Forget futuristic smartphones with bendable, foldable or rollable displays, and try to imagine one sporting an entirely stretchable OLED screen.

KGI clarifies iPhone 8 screen plot, mentions “function area”

5.8, 5.15, 4.7. What do all these numbers mean? Well, plenty when it comes to a wraparound screen for the iPhone 8. Let’s plot this out.

Japan Display officially announces flexible LCD R&D

The AMOLED craze is strong with Samsung and other OEMs. It’s said to be strong for Apple, too. But can Japan Display lure Apple back to LCD?

Japan Display may put flexible LCD up against AMOLED for foldables

The displays maker is definitely transitioning to AMOLED technology to fight for a piece of the iPhone pie, but foldables are an interest, too.

Meet Queen University’s HoloFlex, a flexible smartphone that produces holograms

It’s a phone with a bendy, holographic display and it was dreamed up by a whole lab of scholars in Canada. It’s the HoloFlex.

Xiaomi and Huawei split Korean display divide to make curved-screen phones

The two Chinese manufacturers are said to be turning to different display vendors to provide flexible OLED displays to meet curved glass.

ReFlex demo shows how we might interact with a bendable smartphone

Check out this video ReFlex bendable smartphone demo and see how a folding phone could change the way we interact with handsets.

Apple gets patent for wraparound screen iPhone (or whatever it wants)

It looks like Apple’s best way of teasing the future to all…

Mobile is killing PC, just not soon

I don’t know what you do for a living and I don’t…

LG G Flex review: the smartphone of the future

With a curved chassis and self-healing skin, LG’s new phablet isn’t just big; it’s futuristic. Find out just how futuristic in our LG G Flex review!

We told you flexible screens and batteries didn’t mean flexible phones

We told you flexible screens and batteries didn’t mean “flexible phones” — at least not yet.