Samsung shifts focus to flexible OLED panels, as company reports 4% revenue loss

Samsung has made its financial figures public for the second quarter of the year, with a 4% decline in revenue, and a shift in focus to flexible OLED panels

Can the “Unbreakable Panel” keep Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens safe?

For the longest time, smartphone makers have used glass to protect the underlying display from damage. Could plastic be the future?

G Flex iPhone 9? LG Innotek almost ready with flexible PCBs

LG and Samsung are competing to provide OLED displays as well as printed circuit boards that flex for Apple’s 2018 iPhones.

No curved iPhone 8 screen as display makers fuss over lamination methods

Samsung, which is said to be supplying the iPhone 8 with its vibrant OLED displays, is having trouble making them curve on all four sides.
Foldable smartphones

New sources confirm Samsung could soon mass-produce foldable phones, but it may not want to

Samsung’s first foldable phones may still need time to improve component yields and generate proper market demand before seeing daylight.

Possible foldable Samsung smartphone design detailed in new patent, as mass production draws near

Samsung definitely still has a foldable smartphone in the pipeline, and so does LG, both companies currently gunning for H2 2017 launches.
Foldable smartphones

Samsung exec ‘thinks’ a bendable phone is ‘around the corner’ – 2016 launch still possible?

You probably shouldn’t rule out the official announcement of the oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone happening this year after all.

Lenovo demoes advanced-looking bendable gadget prototypes at Tech World

Before we get to see the oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy X in action, two unnamed Lenovo foldable prototypes stole the Tech World spotlight yesterday.

Samsung offers a taste of the future with demo of foldable 5.7-inch display prototype

The dream of a fully foldable Samsung smartphone or tablet continues to feel like a very distant one, despite a recent showcase of a screen prototype.

Meet Queen University’s HoloFlex, a flexible smartphone that produces holograms

It’s a phone with a bendy, holographic display and it was dreamed up by a whole lab of scholars in Canada. It’s the HoloFlex.

LG G Flex review: the smartphone of the future

With a curved chassis and self-healing skin, LG’s new phablet isn’t just big; it’s futuristic. Find out just how futuristic in our LG G Flex review!

The Galaxy Round’s curved display may not be so bad after all

Samsung just announced the Galaxy Round, a phone with a curved display. Read why the Galaxy Round’s curved display may not be so bad after all.

LG Exec Reveals Plans for Flexible-Screened Smartphone This Year

Read what one LG VP had to say about what the company is hoping to do to introduce a phone with a flexible OLED display.

Here’s What Flexible Screens, Batteries Mean for Future Smartphones

Learn the real reasons behind why manufacturers are rushing to make flexible components for our gadgets.

Will Samsung’s Next Phone Include a Flexible Screen and Battery?

Read about what may be the next major leap in mobile technologies. It will use flexible screens, batteries, and circuit boards — but your device itself won’t be flexible. Here’s why.